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Coughing up bits of blood?

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Well folks, its been a while since I've posted though I read posts frequently. Guess the shock and awe subsided after the first round of chemo and we have enjoyed 3 months with out weekly visits to the onc but rather 6 week intervolds, cancers progressed with sprinkled spots, a new tumor, all in one lung and a thicker plurea but no additional mets.... in recent weeks the pain has increased for her and today I learned that for about the last 2 weeks shes been coughing up small amounts of blood.

She hasnt told anyone and only told her daughter today as she was present at the time. Told her not to worry and that she didnt feel the need to tell her onc or anyone eles as it was small amounts "not blood clots or anything" my sister in law informed me right away. We have a Onc appt in 2 weeks and she will begin 2nd line chemo then.......

Anyone have some thoughts? Do I approacher her with what I know even though I realize she doesnt want to start doctoring again before the chemo or do I let it be?

Beat it!!

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I'm truly sorry to hear that progression has happened again.

I wouldn't betray your SIL's confidence, but I would strongly urge her to call the oncologist. The oncologist may want to start treatment sooner than later. My husband has coughed up bloody sputum many times during this journey and we always notify both the lung specialist and oncologist.

Good luck and God bless.


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I had this w/Mom this week as well. She spent M-W coughing up blood specks but didn't say a word until Wed. Which means she lied to to the onc on Tues when he asked. Then Thu and today when I asked I think she lied when she said no. I called the Pulmonologist's office but they gave me the run around once I explained that she will NOT agree to ER. ( a whole other reason to have a crappy week) We see onc and pul on Monday so hoping we're ok til then. Was hoping to talk to onc nurse today at rad treatment but the rad specialists wanted to talk about my mom's case so I didn't get the chance. (and don't get me started on Mom wanting to get out of oncology ASAP on a Friday :) )

Good News, tho --

Finished Week 2 of Rad, sister is coming tomorrow to relieve me for a bit, and I managed to run the pesky beast this morning at 4am.


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Before and during Mom's hospital stay, she was coughing up bits of blood. In her situation they said it was from the absess around her tumor. The pulmonary spec. also said that when he did a broncoscopy in the hosp. it probably made the tissue bleed more. Mom has also coughed up blood when her coughing gets chronic.

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