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Calling ALL Cancer Survivors

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http://wkrg.com/medical/article/calling ... vors/4516/

People who are battling cancer can find hope in the faces of survivors. Survivors can find peace by offering that hope. The Eastern Shore Art Center is in the process of collecting the faces of survivors for an upcoming exhibit and you can be a part of it.

16 year old Jessica Houston is part of the exhibit. She fought Hodgkin’s Lymphoma this year and today she is the face of survival. “I am in remission since May and I just got my first check up after four months of chemo and I’m good to go.”

Jim Thomas is also a cancer survivor. In 1996 he was diagnose with stage 4 lung cancer. He is also the face of survival. “Most people think lung cancer is fatal and I got involved in this program because I want people to know that there’s hope even when you’re told you don’t have long to live.”

All of these faces will be part of an exhibit at the Eastern Shore Art Center. It will be called F.A.C.E.S.: Face All Cancer, Emerge with Strength.

Susan Harrell is a cancer survivor and the creator of the exhibit. “I think so many people view cancer as a death sentence and I think we need to change that because there’s 10 million people walking on this earth that are survivors. I want this to be about the faces. I want people to say, I am the face of cancer and I survived.”

If you are a survivor, the Eastern Shore Art Center needs your face to help people know and believe that cancer doesn’t mean the end.

Nancy Raia is helping coordinate the exhibit. “I hope they walk in and see a room full of faces. I hope it overflows our room and goes around the center a couple of times and people go, there’s that many survivors? And if they are currently under the battle, they can say, I can win too.”

To participate in this exhibit, just send an image of the survivor to the Eastern Shore Art Center, 401 Oak Street, Fairhope, Alabama 36532.

The image should be no larger than 8” by 10”. Images can be photographs or a piece of art that portrays the survivor’s face. Survivors of all ages and from all geographic areas are invited to participate.

Please do not send framed pieces. Please be aware that submissions will NOT be returned. All images should be accompanied by the following information: name of survivor, what they survived and words that got them through it. You will also need to submit a release form. Release forms are available at the Eastern Shore Art Center or online at www.easternshoreartcenter.com

If you would like more information on this exhibit, call the Eastern Shore Art Center at 928-2228.

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