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Help Please!


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Hello All,

Newbie, Gail L here...joined a month ago +/-. I can not figure out where to post updates on what's going on with me and tests, docs, treatment plans, etc.

I have BAC 2x previously, and new cancer in left lung; what board do you think would be best?

Thanks! Bless you all, each and everyone of you who frequent this board; I've been reading like a crazy person, such strength, so much compassion....so many bad things happening to nice people...Oy Vey!

Feel free to give me some direction!

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Just did like you

clicked on a button and here

I am.....

Don't worry somebody with

knwolage will show up.

You will find this forum

friendly and you will be


Sorry can't help you on how

to use the forum features,

but somehow, somewhere somebody

will be here for you.


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Hi Gail-

This forum is a good place to start and introduce yourself. Later, depending on the subject of your post you might want to post in NSCLC, Survivors, or Updates. It doesn't really matter- we'll find your post and answer. Anytime you're not sure, just put your post in General.

Spend some time reading through and getting information and you will get the hang of this board quickly.

I am sorry you have a need to be here-


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Hi Gail and welcome here. Sorry you had to seek us out.

I see by your moms profile that she certainly has had her share of misforutune. She must be some fighter. Keep a positive attitude and that will help her through this fight.

I am thrilled that she was staged at 1B and that it is operable. Only 1 in 4 are candidates for surgery.

Keep us posted on your moms progress. You are never alone here. We always here for knowledge, support, prayers or if you just need to vent.


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