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Greensburg Kansas today !!!


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Well all i finally after all the time that has passed since the Greensburg Tornado i went and took a drive and had a personal view of the devastation . For 2 month's after the Tornado all highway traffic was rerouted from the area so as to keep looters and curiousty lookers away and allow cleanup and emergency crew's freedom to work.

I can now say after seeing it in person that is just like all the reports described. It does remind one of Hiroshima in a minature way after the A bomb was dropped.Now for the upside of the town now and that is they have got 3/4 of there student's in school from the previous year. The Hospital is a group of Quonset Canvas tent's and the shool's are a group or bunch of portable building's.The down town has one or two building left standing and the rest is like a giant vacant lot with hole's where building's once stood.Almost all the shrubery and tree's outside of sapling's are mostly gone.It is unbelievable that there are here and there a lone house still standing and occupied with total destruction around them.

The local kwik shop is going and where a Co-op service station once stood is a single self serve island for Gasoline and possibly Diesel.But the Town is so barren outside of some Fema trailer's and the previous described building's and still pile's of rubbage to be hauled away that it is hard to even imagine that a town ever existed there.I as well as i knew my way around the town before the Tornado was unable to regonize much of any thing.Hand made sign's mark the street's and the city office's are set up in portable building's also.To sum it all up i would say it was depressing to look at but sign's of hope for the future were also visible.......Larry

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