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What's your RANT..?


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We've a wonderful thread in the Inspiration Forum to remember all the things we are grateful for...

Here is the flip side.... What is your RANT..?

Make it short (and not directed at anyone here! yikes!) and get it out...you'll feel so much better!

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I am so sick of my AC going out....We've only just moved here a year ago and first the upstairs goes out, then today the downstairs goes out....

This is TEXAS for cripes sikes! :shock:

Non-working ACs should be against the law!! 8)

(*Hopefully tomorrow I can post that I am grateful for AC repair men)

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I'm sick of receiving inferior merchandise when paying top dollar from an upscale fine furniture store. First the ottoman legs did not match (nowhere CLOSE)the legs of the chair. It went back and came back with a large section that was NOT stained. I've waited 2 days for a return call to get it taken back again. Then the chair.......cushion stuffed irregularly. It looks like it tilts left and when you sit on it your right cheek is going downhill. Still no callback!!! :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:


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I'm with Kasey on this one!!! Just over a year ago, I bought new furniture for living room and family room...same furniture store...same time. The furniture (not cheap) for my family room is total garbage!!! The company is totally non-responsive to my issues with the furniture. Should I contact the manufacturer?

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I HATE it when people don't reply to your e-mails. Unlike PMs, we've no idea if the recipient got the e-mail or not, so at least reply back a thank you to let us know you got it!!! Rude.

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AT&T is high on my hit list right now!! For the past two months every time it rains I either have horrid static on the line or no dial tone at all. First guy came out and we had wasps flying in the area, so he wouldn't go to my box until I got rid of them. 250.00 & a Terminex visit later, they buried a new line around my house to the pole. Tore up my yard, hacked my bushes to pieces, left all the branches after they said they would cart them away, and threw a handful of grass seed in one spot. The yard & bushes look like crap and GUESS WHAT??? Every time it rains, my phone STILL goes on the fritz. :twisted::twisted: & :twisted: can bite me!!

(I know Nova understands what I'm going through! :roll: )

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Cardiologist's are on the top of my list. I went through 7 yes (7) cardiologists in the last 18 months trying to find out what the hell is causing this SOB I have been dealing with. LOW AND BEHOLD I went to Mayo and they found I have a Sever Leak in my Mitral Valve. AND I might have another block in my of my grafts. I have had test after test, after test, in and out and in and out of the hospital since Oct 2006 and this leak has been there for SOME TIME! :twisted::twisted::evil:

I'm SOOOOOOOO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted::twisted:

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Tomorrow I getting the third new

Natura 3 hearing aids (bought in 2003)

this will be the THIRD full replacement

I get because the hearing aids

break without reason..............

and no fault of little old me.....

so I don't care what they say,

as I won't hear them.....

but they will hear me, loud and clear.

They cost a mint but for what........


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First, The phone company. Like Welthy, every time it rains lately, I have no phone service for 2 days. Five times in 4 weeks is a little much! (If I was that sporadic paying my bill, I'll bet they wouldn't be so slow about shutting the service off!)

Secondly, I don't like people who are rude for no reason.

We have an "in-law", (my niece's husband), and that young man is so rude and hateful to everyone in the family, that we'd all like to punch him in the nose!

What a miserable soul he is!

My mom always told me that having good manners was free, so I should take advantage of it. Apparently his parents forgot to teach him that... :evil:

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Service people who don't call.

I'm here in MA for 2 weeks and have tried to get some "stuff" done to this house.

Need a skylight, front door, RV pad, alarm system changes....the list goees on. Thought I'd knock out a bunch of estimates and get some of it done but so far the only person who was ready and able was the plumber and he came the following day!

Apparently some of these jobs are too small/big to be considered (by the people who did call back) or just not worthy of consideration at all.

I want my old house back :lol::lol::lol: Can I move it to MA?


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"Technical Support" for computer products, particularly operating systems software. I get irate when I can't even understand the person on the other end of the phone and when they don't listen that I've already done the obvious things to try and fix the problem...yet they insist I do them again....more than once I've had to waste days trying to unscramble computer issues and if I haven't fixed it myself, I've had to lay out $$ to hire someone local rather than get any real help from "technical support".

Just give me a printed manual when I buy my software: I can look up the pat answers on what to do as well as someone overseas on the other end of the phone!

Oh, here's another kicker: when they keep insisting that I can find help on the internet, but my problem prevents me from getting on the internet in the first place!

Linda :wink:

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Wow Linda I just went through that last week. It cost me over $200 to get rid of a worm and a trojan that got into my computer. Seems the virus protection that I already paid for doesn't always work on those so I have to dish out more money :x

Right now I would have to say that my rant is people who get a burr up their but about something and won't tell you why or what their problem is :evil:

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Good to rant.....

at least for me it made me

check my papers last night.

Got my hearing aids today

and no charge.......

so richer of $247.00

that I'll spend somewhere else.

After all the hearings aids were

warrantied for three years, but

they counted the warranty on the


Read the fine print and I did.

So thank you Katie.


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I am sick of this computer. It is only 3 months old. The problem is not the computer but the WINDOWS. I do not like VISTA. Everything I go to do, my programs won't work right. Brand new printer straight from the box and guess what....yep...Windows Vista problem. I got it to work tho after gtoing to web and getting correct drivers etc. Incidently, manufacter wanted $10 for the disk for it. Should have been included. I HATE VISTA. Give me my XP back.

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