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Oh for Crying out loud!


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Our family doc called today and John's sputum tested negative for a fungal infection. So now we don't know what it is but it is some nasty stuff. He is scheduled for the brachytherapy tomorrow afternoon and the pulmonologist will take a sample and see if he can figure out what it is. Hopefully the procedure helps him.

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Well, for cryin' out loud!! Sorry for John..........sorry for you too, Rochelle. Is there someplace to get another opinion or are you pretty satisfied with what you're hearing? Wish I had some idea.......but I just don't. Be sure to let us know what you discover.


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John had the brachytherapy yesterday and it was not pleasant at all. It was much worse than we were led to believe and took a lot longer than we thought it would. The pulmonologist did take some samples deeper in his lung to see what the gunk is and we should know tomorrow. He is feeling absolutely horrible today- very tired--he's been in bed all day. Thanks so much for all your well wishes, he appreciates it so much.

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I have been looking for your update. I am so very sorry to hear how hard the procedure was and how horrible John feels today. :( I hope they figure out what the "gunk" is... The more you talk about the "gunk".. the coughing etc.. I remember Mike having a strep infection which he most likely got from having a bronchoscopy and he coughed terribly. He was coughing up and then vomiting up tannish stuff. It was awful. He was put on strong antibiotics and it took care of it. Hope they find out what John's is and have a quick cure.



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