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LC and Brain radiation


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I've been hearing some about LC spreading to the brain and this is new news to me. I started my treatments for LC almost 2 years ago and there has been no sign of it coming back, but no one haa suggested to me the possibility of it already having spread to my brain. I am scheduled to see my oncologist December 1st this year but wonder if i should ask my internest about an MRI for my head before that?

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I think anyone that has had other than stage one lung cancer that was cured with surgery should get an mri at some point. Many of the lc treatments do not pass the blood brain barrier. Many of us are surviving longer now and so are more likely to get brain mets whereas not so long ago, folks would die before brain mets became an issue. Get an mri.

Don M

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I'm sorry Don, but I thought that chemo's DO cross the blood brain barrier. I thought they had changed that statement some time back, but I sure could be wrong!

As for brain radiation. They DO offer PCI (Preventitive) brain radiation to those that are SMALL CELL Patients. That I know of, they have not yet offered Preventitive or (PCI) to Non Small Cell Patients as of yet. But, I'm sure other's will chime in and offer some more information.

I'm guessing your talking about Preventitive radiation???? PCI is a low dose radiation as well.

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After I had received both Radiation and Chemo for Small Cell Lung Cancer it was recommended, but not required, that I receive PCI. I elected to have the procedure but don't know what to suggest, not knowing your situation or even if it is an option in you case.


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