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I don't wanna die, I just wanna ride my motor cy...cle

Don M

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"I don't wanna a die, I just wanna ride my motor cy...cle."

A line from an Arlo Guthrie song in 1968 (The Motorcycle Song). I don't ride a motorcycle, but I can still appreciate the sentiment. I have been spontaneously singing that lyric at any moment, even in the middle of a conversation. It is the best part of the song.

Don M

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I know my husband can relate. He has a big HD Electra Glide out in the garage that he's dying to ride and says all the time, he's just not ready to stop having fun. We talk about getting rid of the boat, RV, motorcycle and other toys and it's hard to talk that way because that was our life.

Keep on singing.........

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don't want a pickle

Just want to ride on my motorsickle

And I don't want a tickle

'Cause I'd rather ride on my motorsickle

And I don't want to die

I just want to ride on my motorcy...cle

It was late last night the other day

I thought I'd go up and see Ray

So l went up and I saw Ray

There was only one thing Ray could say, was:


Just last week I was on my bike

I run into a friend named Mike

Run into my friend named Mike

Mike no longer has a bike. He cries:

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I've still got my '84 XR-250R which I switched to from an RM-465 when I retired from dirt bike racing in 1984, (is that a duh? moment).

One thing I do every summer is clean it up, start it up, do a couple laps around our two lots and pretty much winterize it. The thrill never goes away but I hardly have the weight and/or energy to kick it over anymore. And this time of year, every year I drop down to the Harley shop and check out the new Sportsters.

I'm tellin' ya' it just don't go away. Scratch the itch. :lol:

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Hi Don, Traded my dirt bike for a 4 wheeler 5 years ago and I'll never go back.

Maybe it is time for Don M to get a new toy too! :)

When times get tough, this tune from the 70's plays over and over in my mind....maybe you remember it.

Life is a gamble all along

Winners are losers who keep rollin' on

Just go on and roll the dice, you only live twice

So do it or die


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Maybe you should do more of a Queen lyrics.... forget that I don't wanna die business :roll:

Queen lyrics.... I want to ride by bicycle I want to ride my bike... (its much quietier)

Don't want to hear you mention the D word!


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I have never ridden on a motorcycle because I was paranoid of getting hurt. Isn't that Ironic. Anyhow, if I get the chance now I would love to ride on a Harley.


PS. My highschool yearbook quote that I added under my picture means more to me now after lung cancer than it ever has

Led Zep: Standing on a hill in my

mountain of dreams

telling myself it's not as

hard as it seems.

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