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Rant of the day - 8/22/07


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Traffic lighs that are never

in the same place, you have

to do a 360 look to find where

the catch is.....and now we have

the right to turn right on a red

light ONLY at some places....by the

time you find the light you have

to wait for the next one.

Old towns that are trying to me modern.

Lucky today I'm not driving, my friend

Pauline is the driver and she was born

in this town...no secret for her.


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My rant is about people who have everything, enough money to live on, insurance and a beautiful home. They also have thier own health and that of their loved ones. Everyone they love is close by but still they find something new to gripe about every single day. These are people I see on tv or other places who have never had the heartache of watching someone they love suffer or have never lost someone to cancer. They are so lucky but still they bi*** :!:

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Don't you just love it when you're waiting to pull out in traffic and a car turns in...withoug ever turning on their turn signal and giving you a chance to pull out??? I hate this. Drives me absolutely nuts!!!

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Ann -- having a place in Florida has opened my eyes to all kinds of new driving styles! I thought I'd seen it all, but then came Florida. :roll:

My rant for the day is waking up at 4:30 am to the oxygen concentrator beeping to tell us the power was off. I hate running around a now hot, humid house trying to grab my box of candles and flashlights while waking up hubby to put him on his portable oxygen (don't argue with me damn-it), then replacing his worn-down battery, while running down the basement stairs to check on the sump hole water level, while sitting on hold with my cell phone to ComEd for 1/2 hour because AT&T hasn't fixed our phone lines, and then staying awake long enough to wake the son up for work. AND it hardly rained so why did the power go out anyway?? There you have it.


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I've been teaching for the last week with no AC---and it's hot! Yesterday they did 'something' that caused a small explosion in my closet and filled the room with smoke! I evacuated the kids, and the AC man told me, "You probably just smelled the freon." No, buddy---the room is full of smoke! Freon did spew all over my desk---and my laptop. In the process they blew all the electricity in my room, so I couldn't even have fans on!

My life is an episode of "I Love Lucy"!

:) Kelly

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