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NSC lung cancer


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I haven't posted anything for several months. I have NSC lung cancer, Stage IV. Finished 3 months of chemo-starting to feel human again. Noticed the last month blood in mucous and this morning it is hurting to take a breath. I haven't had any other symptoms throughout this diag. (Jan 07) no cough, just tiredness. Any thoughts on this- doesn't sound good to me.

Thanks, Judy :(

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"Adrian"]Welcome. As with all things cancer, all "new" issues with the body---especially of the sort you are describing should be brought to the attention of your oncologist immediately. Please do so and keep us posted.

I see after reading your post again your dad was diag. in April.

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Have you checked for a fever? It could be pneumonia or an infection of some kind. Get to the doctor before it gets any worse. You can go to your family doctor to rule out pneumonia if it takes awhile to get in to your oncologist.

Welcome to the board, and let us know what the doc says.


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