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hello everyone


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I am a newby that is taking care of my grandfather. He is 78 yrs old, a laryngille cancer survior of 36 yrs & now he has stage IIIB LC. This has been the hardest task for me to do. I have a wonderful husband & 2yr old that is on this adventure also. I can't wait to start using this site because it seems like a wonderful place to vent & get help. Thanks Brandy

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Hi, Brandy, welcome to the LCSC! And thanks for doing the profile of your grandpa's situation. That's usually one of the first suggestions we make to newbies, but you're ahead of the pack on that.

What was the target of the radiation treatments -- a lung nodule? Please let us know how his next scans turn out. Now that his treatments are done, at least for the time being, he'll probably start to put some weight back on. Chemo, especially taxol, is hard on the entire digestive system and it takes a while to recover from those effects.

Any time you have questions, plunge right in and ask. And since you've already got considerable experience as a caregiver, you'll be able to help others who are just beginning that role. You won't be thought of as a newby for long, I'll guarantee you that!

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome to the site. We will give you all the support and information we can. Your grandpa's cancer is very treatable. I have a question. Do you know why they took so long to start treatment? Ct scan in January and dhemo start in July? Keep us posted.

Stay positive, :)


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Well the reason they took so long for treatment was the VA didn't want to do treatment to him because of his age & trach status. We had to get approval to go outside of ghe VA. The radiation was used shrink the mass inside his lung. All I know is that is was 3mm & in the left side. I will let all of ya'll know about the results. Thanks for all the encourage & support, ya'll are great. Brandy

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