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The doctor said WHAT???

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Beverly just returned from her appt. with the radiologist who now thinks that her cancer never actually went away. It has grown and gone into her lymph nodes in her neck area. On top of that he thinks she has radiation pneumonia. He is prescribing steroids for her.

1st question..is it better for her that the cancer never actually went away instead of it being a recurrance?

2nd question..Will the steroids help her with the radiation pneumonia? She is having a hard time breathing and is almost unable to move because of fatigue.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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In answer to your two questions,

1. I don't think it really matters one way or the other if the cancer remains or if it comes back.

2. I had radiation pneumonitis and the medications they use for that is steroids. Yes they do help.

The major side effect to RP is shortness of breath and having problems breathing. She needs to rest and take her meds. They will help in time.

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Bobby-Our Radiologist explained that with small cell the cancer could just be lying dormant-so small it wasn't detected in the liver so it may have never gone away 100%-shrunk it a lot but not really gone.

So we are hoping this 2nd line will take care of it....I know how bad this sucks. Please tell your sister to hang in there, rest, get lots of fluids and rest rest rest....

As far as the steroids-my Mom could not sleep for anything and ate like a little piggy.....

Are they still giving her chemo for the neck nodes?

Keep me posted


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Thanks all. She is feeling better today. Those steroids must be really good stuff. 20mg seems like a high dosage..does anyone know about this?

Dar..she will go have another Topotecan on Wednesday if her counts are better, then they will scan to see if it is working. She has had 2 treatments so far.


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Bobby - i just wanted to add that my mom had a bout of pnemonia earlier this summer and it took her a while to bounce back from it. We were afraid something else was wrong but one of her docs confirmed that it can take a while to get your stamina back after getting this. I just wanted to let you know that NOW so that you are not all freaked out when a month from now she is still fatigued.


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