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Freaky Friday Question - August 24


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I've never had TP caught on my shoe but did have it hanging out of my dress once. I was wearing panty hose and somehow managed to pull up a piece of TP with my panty hose. It was handing out under my dress. Thank goodness that Dennis saw it before anyone else did and was able to rush me back into the ladies room.

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never done that one... but considering what I DID do... that would have been better!!!

Ready... here goes...

My husband and I were invited to a very "impressive" wedding... NHL player. Anyhow.... I was very careful to pick the perfect dress... cute little black and white number with spaghetti straps. We drive about 45 min. to this absolutely GORGEOUS church... LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG aisle and amazing design. As I am being escorted down the aisle by a very attractive man, with my dear Michael following close behind... I notice everyone is looking at ME!! Now.. I think, WOW, I must really look awesome in this dress... everyone is watching me walk down this aisle... We get escorted ALL THE WAY UP TO THE FRONT... sat in like the 6th pew from the alter... I slide across the pew and join my son-in-law who was already seated.. (my daughter was a bridesmaid).. Anyhow.. this sweet young girl sitting behind me taps me on the shoulder and says... "Your Sara's Mom aren't you???" "Yes, I am" I respond. "Well, she says, your zipper down the back of your dress is wide OPEN"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats right folks my whole back end was showing and my DUMMY husband NEVER NOTICED while he walked behind me... I was mortified.... I slid out of that pew and that sweet young girl tried best as she could to fix the zipper that had "BLOWN OUT"!!! I ended up going to a dress shop around the corner and buying a dress right off the rack and wearing that to the reception.


That is my most embarrassing moment EVER!!!

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Sharyn that was truly funny,but since you started the most embarassing moment i'll just share mine. Year's ago and a much younger man i had been out drinking too much on a saturday night. The next morning the wife insisted we go to Church(her idea of making me pay).Well about the middle of the Mass we were on our knee's praying when all at once i felt the God most awfull pressure to F--T. Well i was squeezing really hard to contain the beast when it was time to stand and just as i was raising up out it came in a most bolsterly loud fashion.It was a small Church and everyone turned and looked in my direction and would'nt you know it the little big mouthed kid setting behind us acclaim's in a loud Voice Mom that man stink's......

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OK I will be the first to say YES to the TP thing!

Went to wedding, it was after I had my second child and my husband and I didn't get out much. Had a few glasses of wine. Used the restroom.

Went straight back to the dance floor with a TP trail!!!!!!

That is my luck!


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Both of these happened at my daughters wedding.

My niece and her family drove in from Washington DC. My niece had bought a new dress for the wedding and when she put it on at the hotel, she noticed that the big fat security doo hickey was attached to the back of the dress in a very obvious spot. Since they were running late for the church, no time to get removed, she walking to her seat like that to the tune of lots of giggles.

I, of course, had to out do her. My dress was tea length of flowing chiffon. Perfect material for being tucked into panty hose. I did it. And walked totally across the reception room like that.

Ladies, if you really want your butt to look big, you can copy what I did.

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Ok...ok...yes this happened to me. We were on vacation in Charleston and I stepped on a piece of toilet paper that was on the bathroom floor and it stuck to my shoe. I came out trailing it and my son (loudly) told me it was there. At lease it happened out of state where I didn't know anyone. :lol:

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