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FINALLY got the call from the gastro doctors about the colonoscopy . . was actually in the parking lot of a casino in Atlantic City with my 21 year old son. Took the call thinking either way . . . I'll be spending money today :wink:

9 polyps removed, 2 biopsied, both BENIGN !!! I explained to the nurse that I had 3 previous cancers so I made her repeat it :lol:

then called husband and told him he was in $$$ trouble $$$ now. :lol: Actually didn't do too bad.

so thanks all


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Wow ~ that was good news to hear, Gail. Has it been 2 weeks since your colonoscopy? For some reason it seems a lot longer than that. Hope your 'venture' in AC was profitabble :lol: !


PS: Mid September Fred, Teddy, and I will be spending a little time in Avalon!!! Did you have a good family reunion there?

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