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Friday 8/24 RANT..!!


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I have been held hostage at my house for two days waiting for the AC people. Every couple of hours I get a call that it will be another hour or two...

Finally, at 7PM, the truck rolls around and 2 AC techs come out with a new unit. they are putting in 1/2 of it today, and the rest tomorrow.

I hate HOT! and I hate this lovely "customer service" i've been given....



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I hate working with people who think their job is far more important than yours. People who think you should jump when they say jump, yet can't be bothered to answer a question regarding how high...

Of course, there's always the joy one gets in plotting revenge, whether acted upon or not... :evil:

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I waited all day yesterday for this


My friend Lynn asked me for some

furniture that I'm changing, so

I gave her a dining room and bedroom set,

but her husband always find a reason to

postpone the pick up................

son not around to help, weather may be

bad, may be tomorrow...............

I like Lynn a lot but...........running

out of patience.

Now we are Saturday.....should be pick up

day.......wonder what the reason will be

anyway Monday will Call ''Good Will''

they will be happy with the furniture.

May also be end of friendship with Lynn.


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Hope they hurry and get your AC installed.

I don't see how you stand it!! It's been TOO hot!

I bought one of those little window AC units, just in case our central unit breaks. (It's old, and tends to freeze up every so often). It wouldn't keep the whole house cool, but at least the living room would be slightly okay.

Hope it's up and running quickly.


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My biggest rant is what I am thinking about right now. I and my ex husband worked hard all of our lives. Because of that I draw a decent amount of Social Security. Not enough to be social or feel secure but enough to live if I ever get caught up from my move. Now that brings me to my rant.

I have no medical insurance because I can not afford it. Not only would the cost be too high but the decuctable would be outragous making it impossible for me to afford to use the insurance once I bought it. I am 63 years old so I still have to wait for medicare. According to them or I get too much money each month from SS. The county offered me a small amount of coverage once I pay $437 a month out of my pocket :!:

So I have no medical coverage. I have to go to the doctor again or I won't be able to get my blood pressure medication. I will have to pay for that out of my own pocket and I am still way behind not only because of moving and retiring but because I am paying the "reduced" bill from the emergency room where I had to go when my blood pressure sky rocketed last February.

What really makes me mad is the fact that had neither my husband and I had ever worked so my income would be lower or non existant I would get it all free :!: I feel like I am being punished for working all of my life and all of the bums are being rewarded. I can't help but wonder how many there are out there my age that are facing the same thing and why no one even makes an attemp to fix it.

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We have the same thing in Canada,

worked hard all my life and all

I get are pensions that I paid in and

old age pension.........

and still pay over $6,000.00 Income

Tax each year.

Those that did not work (when they could)

are getting a supplement of $800.00

a month..........over their old age

pension and don't pay Income Tax at all.

The widow/widower with chikldren

gets a special pension

from 60 to 65 years old to help them

even if the children are all working and

have plenty of money!!!!!!!!!

Still don't understand why we work so hard

to have it taken from us to be given to

somebody else.


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