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Cancer Survivor Movie


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Thank you for posting the link...however, it brought me beyond tears.....it's one my mom's favorite songs...so it was played during my wedding (for her)....and she's an artist....and we have been on a tour of Van Gough's work -- she has kept me informed all my life of the great artists and what they contributed as artists and as people.

It just made me love her more thinking about how incredibly strong she is. She just left my house about an hour ago. She came over to watch the season premiere of Real Time With Bill Maher. We layed in my bed (hubby had the TV in the family room) and laughed and just had a good time being together. Someone was talking about that "dark place" we find ourselves going to at times.....it was so painful at the beginning when we first heard of her diagnosis that I just can't / won't go back there. We....me along side my beautiful, courageous, strong-willed mom - will live with cancer. There's just no other options as far as I'm concerned.

Let me dry the tears off my cheeks and head to bed. Thank you again. I guess.....I needed to cry a little just to relieve the pressure. =)

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Hi-I understand.....

Last night my Mom, my kids and I went to an auction and out to dinner and then back to her house. It was such a nice night. I came home and got on here and started reading posts from way back and just started crying thinking about losing her. I just can't imagine my life without her. I can't go to that dark place either-when she was first diagnosed that's all I did for a month but as she got better and each appointment we went to we got pretty good news it was a little easier to think that she will be a survivor. She is going on 1 year since DX and I have to believe she can beat itlike others have....

I do understand.............

Take Care


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There is comfort in sharing posts with other daughters such as yourself...with kids, who socializes with her mom as I do. It's such a comfort to come here and know that we all understand how other loved ones feel. The picture I posted of Mom and I was just taken Sunday evening as Mom, my aunt and grandpa were leaving the family summer cabin. I've posted it on her Care Page as well. EVERYONE has responded saying that it is one of the most beautiful pictures of us. Mom has always hated herself in pictures. Now she smiles for every photo...and as much as I love it...I know WHY she does it.....& it chokes me up every time.... Because she wants to be in our memories forever. She understands that life is precious and all the vanity crap is NOT IMPORTANT anymore. Since her Dx she has found this peace within herself. She used to get so HOT over the little things that bug her, now nothing gets her PO'd. (Except of course the dr. bills AND nurses who don't have a gentle touch when injecting needles....LOL).

When I'm alone however,...it's dangerous. That's when I fall apart. As long as I'm with her....I'm her warrior. Just as she has been mine throughout my life.

But I understand about the dr. appointments and tests making it bearable. Watching her fight, knowing that the main tumor in her left lung has already shrunk according to the CT in the hospital...it gives me back hope. You can't help but feel the most incredible pain at the beginning. Now it comes in spurts, but it's easier. Everything that has come her way so far...she has handled with grace. It gives me such hope & faith at what future treatments will bring.

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