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Weekend at the Pub!


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The Pub is always open. For you newbies ~ Pub is a virtual Pub ~ where folks say to gather for whatever reason. It is NOT a forum or a chat. We merely express that we're headed to the Pub to celebrate or grieve or look for support or whatever. So wanted to remind everyone in time for the weekend.

There have been some good scan results. There have been some mixed results. There has been some disappointing news. There are birthdays of special folks who are no longer here. I know 'someone' making progress with moving forward. We won't be dancing on tables OR serving up any pity parties either. But hopefully you'll drop by to just 'be' with members who we know and care about.

So...........there are apple martinis ready to go. Bud lite ~ of course! I think I remember hearing about a mudslide too! What about Bailey's? We have anything you want. Iced tea, coffee, soda, milkshakes, cafe au lait....you name it. Just stop by and join us.

Teddy is ready for all the furry creatures as well. There is ALWAYS someone here for you!

The Management

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Happy birthday, Kasey! I'll bring the girls (Cookie and Luna) in for a friendly sniff of Teddy and MilkBones. Hopefully, they'll be on good behavior and nap, instead of the racing they've become infamous for just prior to bedtime in the house...

Bottoms up!

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Happy Birthday Kasey !

So glad my hubby got off the computer so I could check out what was going on at the pub.

Wishing you lots of happiness , many years, and a good stiff drink.

Donna G

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Good Morning--

Coffee please, just a little cream. Just wondered if anyone has heard from Welthy lately. I know Tony was having a tough time with his breathing. I'm praying this morning that all is well.

Thanks to ALL again for being here ALL the time. I don't know what I'd do without all my LCSC friends.

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Real good party yesterday.

Thank you Fred for all you did,

Kasey you look good even if you

were one day older..........

Teddy you won my heart again

will have to sneak you home with

me, just for a visit.

No trouble on the way back home,

but so quiet here.


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Happy Birthday to you!(I should have gotten the "Band" together, so we could play and sing to you!)

Prayers going up for Tony and Welthy.

Laurie, I baked home made "double apple coffee cake with pecans" last night. Would you care for a piece with your coffee?

Thinking of you all,


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Thanks to all for the wonderful birthday wishes. Today was a great day......just because :D ! Pub is still open for everyone, so come on over! And a happy anniversary to Mr. Tony and Miss Welthy!!!! 30 years is quite a milestone. Me....I was 29 AGAIN :? !!!!!


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