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PET results

Nancy B

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Just got the results yesterday. The 3 nodules they were concerned about barely lit up BUT some spots on my spine in the pelvic area did. I will be having a needle biopsy next week to determine if nsclc or sclc (I've had both). I have had a needle biopsy of my lung (lung collapsed) but Onc. says the one in the back won't be as bad. I hope.

Ok, I'm scared. The news is so new that I haven't even had a melt-down yet. Thinking of going to a movie today - 2 hours of not having to think, popcorn with lots of butter and a large coke!!!

Please continue your prayers - they are so much appreciated.

God Bless,

Nancy B

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Ah Nancy, I'm going to the movies with you :? . This has been such a challenge for you every step of the way. You are assuming (with good cause, I might add) that this is cancer showing up in the PET. Any chance it may merely be something else? My PET has lit up with inflammation. Just a thought.

Wishing you only the BEST of luck and sending MANY prayers for the biopsy. You've just gotta be tired. And I am sorry.


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I am so sorry that you are having to go through another biopsy, especially since your lung biopsy didn't go so well. I have had a biopsy of my spine (t12) and it was pretty painless - hopefully you will have similar results this time around.

Hang in there, prayers are being sent your way.


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