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Gratitude - August 26th 2007


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I'm grateful today for the decision

we made in 2002 to sell our home and

move to Sherbrooke so Mike could get

all the treatments needed.

Now our ex-home has been sold three

times the price we got for it......

even if it was badly neglected by the

last owner..............

Grateful to be away from the vultures

that spent the day calling me to give

me the news about ''How much money we

lost when we sold''

Grateful that we moved away and Mike

got all the treatments available in

2002/2003 for lc, grateful for all the

new treatments that are now offered for

lung cancer.

Grateful to be alive and still in love

with Mike.


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Lance Armstrong and His commitment to fighting Cancer and the upcoming Forums. Caught Meet the PRess interview and was so happy to hear him talking about what needs to be done Almost cryed..


If you missed it on TV check this out when you get a chance. :wink::)

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I'm gratefull for my children and grandchildren. That they have grown to be good strong people who have not gotten caught up so much in the world that they have forgotten what is really important.

I'm gratefull too for cell phones and low cost calls that were not around when I was seperated from my parents and siblings. I talk to my family all of the time and the calls are never budget breakers :!:

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