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Welthy And Tony Update


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Recieved this Note from Welthy. as follows:

Thanks -- quick response as I'm at my brother's house using his computer. Chicago are hit hard with storms Thursday. Without power for 49 hours -- very hard on Tony. Emergency oxygen brought to house late Thursday night. Put Tony in A/C car. High humidity very bad for his breathing on Thurs. and Friday. He refused to go to the hospital. Held the flooding at bay by bailing out sump hole in basement. Power came on yesterday late afternoon, but have no internet yet. Thought I'd drop the FYI. Our area looks like a war zone -- tress down everywhere. Scary and everyone is still cleaning up. Some still have no power in our area.

Thanks for noticing I wasn't around. We were spared the worst of the trees down and stuff. Lots of carpets out to the curb, generators running, chain-saws going etc., still in our neighborhood.




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My understanding from another quick email sent by Welthy from her brother's place is that they ARE back home. She was just at brother's house to return a generator and zip off a few emails. Their power is back on, and they are at home (but without Internet and cable--no Cubs!).

Hope everyone else in the Chicago area did OK.--Neilb

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Thanks for the update, Randy. I figured they were having some weather-related problems since Debi wasn't updating Tony's profile -- but didn't realize it was quite that bad until my #2 daughter called from their place near Kalamazoo (across the lake from Chicago plus a few miles). Said they lost power last Tuesday and it just came back on today (Sunday). Missed the tornadoes, though.

Aloha from Ned

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You are such a dear, thanks so much for that update. I went to be last night thinking the worst about Tony. They've been through so much.

Those folks up there are really taking a beating. My brother lives in North Central Wisconsin and lost 40 trees to a tornado 2 weeks ago.

Blessings to all you are going through tough times now with the weather and illnesses.

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So glad to hear you are back home and your electricity is finally up and running.

What a scarey experience you went through. I am so glad everything is back to normal, as far as the electric goes. I hope you did not have any or much damage.


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Geez.....I had no idea things were that bad in the Chicago area. I am very relieved that things weren't worse than they were for you guys. I'm also glad you are back safe and sound and hopefully you will be as back to normal as you can be. Don't you go scaring like that again, ya hear?! Sending many good wishes that Tony may be feeling better. Wishes for you too, Debi, that things are manageable.


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I have thought of you often this past week. I am sorry that mother nature is not cooperating with us in this neck of the woods and that husbands can be stubborn.

Here in southeast WI we are flooded. They Rock River runs through our town and the banks are long gone!!!! COme on sun!

I am just so glad that you are alright, and I hope all is up and running soon.

Prayers to you and Tony,


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It's me!! :D:D

Another quick note as we have to leave for chemo soon. Regardless of anything, chemo goes on...

We really ducked the big stuff, but still had the fall-out re: Tony with no concentrator & no A/C. I just found out this morning that a small tornado was what happened by us and we were at the very southern edge, so escaped the heavy damage by ONE block. So many areas in the Chicagoland area had extensive tree damage, etc. We were so lucky.

Next door neighbor brought car into our driveway immediately and we popped Tony into it for the A/C. He was having fevers, etc. from chemo and was at crisis breathing stage. No hospital for him and wouldn't leave the house. (Hard-head!) Son got home and relieved me from bailing duty. Brother & SIL brought pizzas and generator to keep the basement dry. Friday noon neighbor's power was up and we hooked into them for a fan and the concentrator.

We are blessed by great neighbors who thought of us while under 4" of water in their own basement, my son, like a knight in shining armour, who bailed and bailed, and my bro and SIL who felt like the calvary coming.

Thanks to my friends here for their concern and to Randy for updating everyone. This really took a toll on Tony and I'm not sure he should even be doing chemo today. He's not well. (Duh! That sounded stupid, he has lc! :roll: )

Love and hugs to all. I hope all from this area are checking in and letting everyone know they are okay.


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This Storm stuff is just about run out of area's to hit. Here in the Twin City Area of Minnesota, we've been getting hit with 50, 60, 70, even 100 mile an hour winds. Trees are down all OVER THE PLACE and 1000's +++++ are without power for 3 4 5 and many 6 days. We had a droubt all summer and in the last 3 weeks we are no longer in a droubt, Everthing is wet and flooding and flash flooding. UNREAL!

It's bad all over the Midwest Areas. Ohio, Iowa, Michagin, Minnesota, Ill., It's hitting us all.

I just hope your all safe and have friends or family that you can go stay with until things blow oever.

Take care ALL!!!!

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