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Getting to Know You - August 27


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I bought a new book for

addresses and phone numbers

(cell phone and e-mail included)

to replace the one we had for years.

Hard to do because when I look for

a number I still find name of

friends that are now gone and I

still like to think that they are

still only a number away.........

One day it will be done.


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Like Kasey, I have been putting off more projects than I care to mention. But, the one simple little thing that I can't seem to get done is putting together a log of all my computer favorite sites and logons and passwords. This would only take me about an hour to complete but it's just so hard to get started!

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My file cabinet is a real mess. I keep telling myself that I will get that straightened out then get all of my family movies in order. I also want to watch them all but not quite sure how much of the emotions I can take at one time.

I still have all of the movies I made (Driving with Memories) before I left Washington. I have never looked at more than a few minutes of those. I know that I need to watch them and in some cases destroy at least part of them. They are so personal and I was so messed up that I don't want anyone else to be witness to a lot of what is on them. I just can't seem to get the emotional stamina that I will need for that long.

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Cleaning this clutter out of my office. I am frustrated as I can't find things. Then I download them again, so that's more clutter.

I seem to do everything but take the time to clean my office.

Also, setting up a colonoscophy. Looking for a doctor who gives you pills to take instead of stuff you drink.

Maryanne :wink:

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