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Did I miss something with Lance


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Hi you'all :)

I watched the Lance Armstrong forum this morning...I watched it for about an hour and had to run..but I did get to see Hilary Clinton...I thought the questions were good and I liked her answer's..

But I never heard the question "WHY IS LC FUNDED SO LOW IN COMPARISON TO OTHER C'S???...

I may have missed it...It might have been brought up later in the program...Did anyone hear it??? That was what I was most interested in and to hear what the 'candidates' had to say about it...

I will watch it again tomorrow....They had a small clip on the 6 o'clock news and I saw Lance Armstrong saying..."Why wouldn't the #1 killer be on the front page every day like the other tragedy's in the world"?...YOU GO LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok guys...talk at ya later...God Bless...Nonni

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"nonni"]Hi you'all :)



Nonni, you didn't miss anything because that question was NEVER asked of any of the candidates.

Livestrong is for ALL cancers. So, they didn't just zero in on ONE kind of cancer. There wasn't enough time to talk about all the cancers. :wink:

HOWEVER, lung cancer was mentioned often, and sadly enough so was SMOKING. The stegma we all wish would go away when we talk about lung cancer. :roll::wink:

We had a GREAT TIME and I sure wish more people could have joined us.



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Thanks Connie....now this kind of pi$$es me off...scuse my language....I thought that would be the #1 question.....The other cancer's are being well taken care of with funding...but sorry to say...they will never get another nickel from me...I'm sorry but that is the way I feel...Of course I want the other cancer's being taken care of and it's wonderful that they are...BUT WHAT ABOUT US...shouldn't we be in there with the rest of the pack...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lance did make the remark...'why isn't the #1 cancer killer in the US on the front page like other tradgedy's are...but I never heard the answer...

I tell you one thing...if the question was brought up and I liked the answer..that's who I would have voted for wheter be it Dem or Reb...I alway's vote the man..or lady now...and not the party...JMO

hugs to all...nonni

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Please take this for what it's worth.

My entire life I was exposed to asbestos, wood smoke, processing plant smoke, refinery emissions, radiation, carcinogenic chemicals a liberal exposure to alcohol and pipe, cigar and cigarette smoke, (self induced).

When I turned 63 I was DX'd with SCLC.

Just before that my little nephew was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at around four years of age. He underwent extensive treatment for that and is now in remission.

My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer just barely past her fortieth birthday and just after my DX. She has had a partial mastectomy and a radiation series for that and is still undergoing treatment.

No one knows why either of them are cancer victims.

I am not so self absorbed as to want to put myself on the cure list above either my baby girl or my baby nephew.

So far as I am concerned, any money that goes to cancer research benefits all of us. And more power to those who raise and donate those funds.

They are all angels and they are here for all of us.

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Personally i do not believe much of what any presidential candidate say's as they will say most anything to get your vote but few promises are ever Kept. I believe in action's not word's.(by there work's you shall know them).But i do applaud Lance Armstrong for attempting to bring more awareness to Cancer.Sad part about it is untill it's in our family most of us basically like to not think about it or face upto it.

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The relatively small percentage of cancer research funds devoted specifically to lung cancer doesn't really bug me that much -- the "rising tide lifts all ships" principle seems to apply pretty well here. My personal favorite example is Avastin, which was developed for colon cancer. Once a drug is approved by the FDA for a particular purpose, physicians are permitted to prescribe that drug for other conditions. There can be problems with private insurance coverage, but (from what I've seen) Medicare coverage policies are fairly enlightened and consistent with treatment guidelines of the various medical specialty professional organizations.

Here's more on off-label use from Wikipedia:

Off-label use is the practice of prescribing drugs for a purpose outside the scope of the drug's approved label, most often concerning the drug's indication. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires numerous clinical trials to prove a drug's safety and efficacy in treating a given disease or condition. If satisfied that the drug is safe and effective, the drug's manufacturer and the FDA agree on specific language describing dosage, route and other information to be included on the drug's label. More detail is included in the drug's package insert. However, once the FDA approves a drug for prescription use, they do not attempt to regulate the practice of medicine, and so the physician makes decisions based on her or his best judgment. It is entirely legal in the United States and in many other countries to use drugs off-label. Exceptions to this are certain controlled substances, such as opiates, which cannot be legally prescribed except for approved purposes (at least in the U.S.)...Some drugs are used more frequently off-label than for their original, FDA-approved indications. A 1991 study by the U.S. General Accounting Office found that one-third of all drug administrations to cancer patients were off label and more than half of cancer patients received at least one drug for an off-label indication...

The smoking stigma is another issue -- I'm trying to make my own little dent one person at a time.

Aloha from Ned

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Two Dogs...

I'm sorry if I have upset you...my remarks where not meant for anyone intentionally...but it does't change the fact....I sympatize with you to have cancer close by in your family...Cancer is brutal!!!

Now talking about kid's is a different story....I donate money to St Jude's Hospital every single month....and I will continue to do so....This is not to say that I don't care about adults having cancer..

Of course I do....I just will NOT donate to no cancer research other than LC...until they can show me that it is evenly distributed

Every one has a right to their own feeling's and that is mine...No pun intended...So please don't put words in my mouth and make it look like I don't care just because I want to donate to LC only...I DO CARE!!!! but I will put my money where it is needed the most....and you can do what you want with yours..

God Bless Us All...Nonni

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I'm not upset and I'm not offended or irritated or concerned. We all deal with stuff in different ways and I only wanted to share my opinion, not change anyone else's.

We probably give some amount of $$, time and support to everything that has Cancer as part of its name and will continue so long as we can.

My Cancer Center treats everybody, including the occasional juvenile, and we see ourselves as being in this mess together, regardless what part of our body is affected. Our drugs all come from the same technicians and the same staff administers them no matter what the illness.

There's a running joke about one of the gals who works there and has had a radical mastectomy and chemo. When we were being treated, side by side, she used to always fall asleep from the drugs. The staff still teases us both about her sleeping with

me every Friday.

As I said previously, take it for what its worth.

Bless You and Best Wishes,


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Hi John...

I am so happy you posted back to me...I felt like I was a little to 'brunt' in my post and I am sorry if I were...I think 'C' has all of us on edge at one time or another...and this must have been one of my times :cry: ...

And your right...we are all in this together wheter it be young or old...Just hope we can hang in there till the Big C comes...and that meaning the BIG CURE

Thanks John...and glad your not "sleeping around' any more :lol:

Blessed Be...Nonni

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