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I have been so proud and impressed with my husband since we moved to Georgia. Afer being out on disability for 9 months and then unemployed for a month, he started a job with a construction company as an assistant engineer. He has pushed himself working 60 hour weeks in this punishing heatwave in temp up to 105. He spends his day off sleeping a good part of it and is exhausted at this point. Last week a rash appeared and got progressively more painful so today he stayed home to go to a doctor and it turns out it is shingles. I feel so aweful that I didn't recognize it immediately. I thought it was a heatrash. Thank goodness he had enough sense to seek out treatment.

Can you believe after what he went through this past year that he now has to deal with painful shingles?

I am not sure how much longer he is going to last at this job. The money is great but it is taking such a toll on his health. He did send out a resume for an inside job today so we shall see.

By the way, we do like it down here. It would just be nice to have some down time to have daddy come along to explore with us.

Take care,


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I hate hearing the news of your husband's shingles. The heat is bad enough on a body, but this stinks. Hopefully the treatment will work and he'll get relief soon. I pray he will be able to find some employment out of the elements.

I'm happy to hear that your move to Georgia was the right one. It's such a beautiful part of the US, so rich in history and the State Parks are some of the prettiest we've seen in the US.

Blessings to you and your family.

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