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Anyone out there have pancoast tumor?


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O yes, there are several of us who have had Pancoast tumors. We even have a "Pancoast Tumor Meetings" here, but haven't for a while. It took about 6 months of treatment , starting with chemo and radiation for me. I have more detail in the "My Story section of this site.

How long ago was she diagnosed? Are they giving her radiation? Keep us posted

Donna G

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Hi my mum was diagnosed about a month ago, but she had had pain for a while, probably 6 months. they did a pet scan and it showed up that it has spread to the spine (bottom).

The information on the internet gives little hope. But we are determined to fight it with mum.

I will look at your story.

Thanks so much for your reply


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Hello Michelle.

Several people here with pancoast. Henk is one of them. He's inoperable b/c 3 vertebrae are involved. He was in severe pain before the chemo/radiation treatment, but after 2 weeks of radiation the pain was gone.

Ask the doc about the radiation!


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Hi Michelle - My mom also had a pancoast tumor. She went through some radiation and chemo then she did have surgery and more chemo. She is now doing well. There is hope and I am glad to read you guys are determined to fight this. Best of luck and my prayers are with you and your mom doing this difficult time.


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I suspect you've received several answers to some key questions you had. Basically, Pancoast tumors are at the top of the lungs and can be in a difficult place to do surgery. With it going into the spine, that means that surgery would be at least very complicated and maybe not feasible, but if it's all contained in one place, chemo and radiation (sometimes with surgery as well) can be curative in some cases).

-Dr. West

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