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Drug Questions


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I just have a couple of questions about some of the drugs/chemo that my mom has received/will be receiving this week.

They have given my mom shots of Procrit. One last week and then one this week. She says that it makes her feel worse than the Chemo as far as being tired/fatigued etc. Has anyone else experienced this with Procrit?

Also, she is starting a new Chemo this week called Alimta. I have had trouble finding anything on the internet about this drug. Has anybody used this? How does it compare to say the carbo/taxol combo?

Thanks for all your help!

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Hi, Chesney:

Here's a good article on Alimta by Dr. West along with some discussion:


You can also use the Search box on practically every page of the onctalk.com site and get a long list of posts regarding Alimta.

When I was on taxol/carbo I had Neulasta injections to boost the white blood cell count, but not Procrit, which does the same sort of thing for red blood cells. I'm sure lots of people here have had Procrit and can answer your questions on that. You can also use the LCSC search feature -- click Search at the top of the screen, type "Procrit" in the top box, change Display results as to "Posts," change Return first to "All available," and click Search.

Best wishes to you and your mom. Aloha,


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I'm sure you have better things to do then what I am about to suggest to you, but Almita has been talked about on this board for a very long time and by many many many many many of our members. If you take a minute or two and browse through the Non Small Cell Forum and the General Fourm you will see this brought up a LOT!

As for the Procrit, tell her to tell the nurses to admin it to her slowly. Sometimes when they push it though to fast it can cause you to feel ishy. So, tell here SLOW AS SHE GOES works best for most of us.

Best wishes to your mom.

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Hi Chesney,

I had Almita and the only problem I had was fatigue other then that it was an easy one to take and it did work (what really matters) for me. You should here from others with there experiences with Almita. Never had Procrit. Tell the doctor/nurses mom feels worse with it. Also drugs.com (see below)is a good place to look up meds etc. Prayers for the best.



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my father has no experience with procrit, but he did have several aranesp injections. It too lifts red blood cell and platelet counts and the side effects are apprarently similar. Around the time of the aranesp, his other treatments whad remained constant, but his fatigue became quite severe.

As for Alimta, its one of the two fda approved second line chemos in the nsclc setting (taxotere being the other). Alimta is the newer of the two. My dad's first line was carbo/gemzar/avastin. after mixed results he's now on alimta/avastin. He's had one cycle and he's four days in and seems to be doing pretty well side effect wise so far.

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