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My terrific day...UGH!!


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TW0...NOT...ONE BUT TWO MRI's today AND a ct/scan....You think I 'ain't nut's today'....must be the radiation..I'm glowing in the freaking dark here.First MRI..not bad..only 20 minutes...2nd one longer....CLING..CLANG...BING...BANG...geeezzzz...I was thinking if I ever get out of this one alive..I'll never get in another one....Hate 'dem' damn things...really...Ct/scan not bad...only took about 5 minutes.

I got a question thou....I had the Ct/scan this morning and then had to go back this afternoon for the MRI's....my question is...why would I have to take the MRI'..when I did the Ct/scan....Don't they basically show the same thing...who know's...good thing I got you guys here.your all a God send..I;m really an illiterate when it comes to this....maybe because I don't want to know...

Thanks kids...let ya know when I know....probably thursday...

hugs...and as alway's praying for the cure...Nonni

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Hi Kasey...

Gee hon ..I really don't know for sure...you know me...but I did ask the tech how much did this CT show and she said from my neck to the top of my legs...and the MRI's ...one for the neck and one for the spine...

Ct...was with contrast the MRI's were not...

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I'm sorry you had to go through all that today. I really hate those machines too. I'm not sure why the ct and mri other than maybe one offers more angles. I think your doc just wants to cover all the bases. I will put in a special prayer for you and let us know when you hear anything.

Take Care,


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Whatever reason they had to do this, at least they are letting no stones unturned. You certainly have good doctors who really care about you.

Fingers crossed here, everything turns out fine!

Maryanne :wink:

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