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Getting to Know You - August 29


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I can't believe I, of all people, even asked this question!!! You see, I have a really serious obsession when it comes to cookbooks. I am a cookbook addict!!! I must have over 100 cookbooks and most of them I never open. There are five cookbooks that I do use all of the time. They are:

LCSC Cookbook - I

LCSC Cookbook - II

The other three are Paula Deen's cookbooks.

I must get rid of some of these cookbooks!!!!

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I probably have 30. I use the Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker for good basic information.

But my favorites are the kinds put out by clubs and charities etc. These recipes are tried and true favorites and usually do not need exotic ingredients or a lot of time.

The 2 LCSC cookbooks are the only ones that sit on my counter.

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I am afraid to count, but they take a whole shelf of an antique cabinet-maybe 35-40. I have both LCSC cookbooks right by the stove because I put my favorite recipes in those so they would be handy. I display two others- one by Pat Conroy that is signed, and an old one written by Lillian Hellman (I have a collection of all her books and it just happened she wrote a cookbook once).

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Right now I own about 6. When I was married and cooking everyday I had about 20. I left most of them behind and my youngest son has them. He loves to cook and try new things. I get Taste of Home Magazine and save everyone of them.

My favorite is two books that I have put together over the years from magazines, tv shows or old cookbooks. I'm still addicted to them but seldom get to cook a big mean anymore. I'm trying to get the people here where I live to agree to have pot lucks once a month. I have some real good meals that I like to cook but they don't work for just one person.

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I have 2 regular cook books. One is the old (VERY old), Betty Crocker version , that I love, and use all of the time.

The other is the new Betty Crocker, which I hate, because it calls for things like egg substitutes, instead of real eggs, and tells you how long to cook things in the microwave!(yuck).

I have about 30 little cookbooks for Christmas cookies, candies, pies, pastry, etc.! I LOVE to bake, but don't care for regular cooking.

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