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Radiation + Question


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Jack has had two radiation treatments. He has had a terrible cough for quite a while that they say is from the irritation from the tumor. They have given him tussinex cough syrup and some little perles (can't remember the name). The syrup helps, but being narcotic he cannot take it when he has to work.

The perles don't seem to help too much. He works as a jailer for our local sheriff's dept. and works 12 hour shifts (6 pm - 6 am). He worked the last 2 nights and is off for two nights before he is supposed to work the weekend - Friday, Saturday, Sunday. He is off every other weekend. They are willing to let him work less hours when he needs to - and for as long as he needs to.

Anyway, after the two rads and working last two nights - when he got home he was totally wiped out and his cough seemed worse to me. It is a total terrible cough - not just a little one. The doc said that as the tumor shrank that it should evenuatlly get better. He also felt a little warm to me this a.m., but I didn't take his temp. I told him to have them check it when he went for his treatment this afternoon.

Is this normal for radiation? As I said he's only had two treatments so far and is scheduled for 7 weeks.

Thanks for any advice.


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2 radiation treatments shouldn't cause your husband any problems as of yet. In all the years I have been a part of radiation treatments via myself and many others, I've never heard of having problems after 2 treatments. (BUT, I never say NEVER, I've also learned anything is possible.)

Depending on where his tumor is,and what it's resting on, it very well can cause a serious cough.

I have the perle pills (little yellow pills) too, and they shouldn't cause him any problems. I take 2 at a time when my coughs get out of control. I know people who have broken ribs because of coughing so hard. Not uncommon with lung cancer patients.

Best wishes to you and your husband.

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I too think it is not the radiation, alot of people in this site have found after a few treatments and the tumor starts to shrink the coughing gets better, I would be more inclined to think maybe he might be getting pneumonia, I would call the doctor, I did develope bi-lateral pneumonia caused by the radiation and was put in the hospital for treatment. My symptoms were just a low grade fewer and general joint aches. Let us know.

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First things first. If he feels warm to you, it is improtant to take his temperature and see where he's at. Fevers are important to monitor because they can be the sign of infection which requires your oncologists attention (i.e. so that he can put him on antibiotics).

Coughing: My dad has had a recurring and persistent dry cough. He has tried: Robitussin, Cherratusin (which some people swear by), Tessalon Pearls (which other people swear by) and some acid reflux medicnes which the doctor thought would help. None of it really did. Two nights ago, however, for the first time my dad drank ginger tea after a coughing fit at 4 am and said it soothed his cough better than any medication he had taken to date.

Obviously, no promises, but it certainly wouldnt hurt to try that and see. I know I'm hoping it offers my dad some continuing relief from his cough.

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