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I am so confused. My Father has been diagnosed with NSCLC. The Dr's have only given him 6-12 weeks. He also has major underlying issues, such as emphysema, COPD, and CHF. I live 1200 miles away from him and I am unable to find the answers I seek. Can anyone tell me in laymans terms what CK7, CK20, and TTF+ means? :? I know that due to my Dad's underlying issues, treatment in not an option, and that death is quickly moving in, but any infomation would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you Don and Barbara for your responses and kind thoughts. My father is considered stage 4. The Dr's say that with all his other problems, he would never survive surgery, chemo, radiation, or new medications. The cancer has spread to both lungs and most likely the brain, not to mention that his other organs are speckled. They have in-home hospice, but the goal now is to make his remaining days are as happy as possible. I will contact Dr.West like you have recommended. Thank you so much. Love to all.

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I'm very sorry to hear of your Dad's diagnosis. My husband also has emphysema and it does complicate matters.

The numbers/letters you mentioned are pathology tests to help determine origin and type of cancer. TTF1 (positive) is an immunophenotype of the tumor and consistent with bronchogenic carcinoma. CK7 & CK20 staining are also tools utilized for the same purpose. My husband tested strongly for CK7 & TTF1, however tested weaker for CK20. He has Non small cell lung cancer, sub-type: adenocarcinoma. I know, medical gobble-de-gook. But it means something to the Oncologist who was probably the one who ordered the tests.

I'm hoping for the best for you and your Dad. You are in my thoughts during this time.



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Thank you for the information you were able to provide. All these numbers hurt my brain, I hope for nothing but the best for you and yours,and pray that you have the strength to make the stand. Everyone I have in touch with has helped so much.It's nice to know I'm not alone in this

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