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update on Diana: not good


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Heard from Diana this morning. She is NOT a candidate for surgery (at least by this surgeon's standards). He told her since she had cancer cells in her fluid, and even though it is cancer free, she can not have the surgery as the outcome is still the same. Not only did she get that news, she has broken out in shingles! What else is there left for this girl to endure???? What are they going to do with the tumor? Does anyone know? Do they just let it stay there and maybe it won't "become active" again? Any information would be appreciated.

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Hi Suzy,

I learned in December '05 that my tumor was inoperable. The combination of chemo/rad/Tarceva has kept what's left of my tumor (my onc thinks it's probably just scar tissue now) quiet. While there's a possibility it may become active again, I prefer to think of it as dead, dead, dead. I hope the same is true for Diana's tumor. Keep us posted.


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Thanks, Don! I went to the site and posted. Maybe they can give me some answers! I don't understand, if the fluid is free of cancer cells now, why she isn't a candidate for surgery. I would understand if she had cells in her fluid now. I feel so bad that she now has developed shingles on top of everything else! :cry: This kid has been through so much. I will be calling her on Saturday (our usual "date night") to see if she can shed somemore light on things. I will keep you all posted. You guys are great! Thanks for the support!

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