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the shakes


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my mom is complaining of the shakes. she is on avinza, duralgesic, and cough medicine w/ codeine. she is also on topotocan. she just went to the dr because of coughing and spitting up rust colored phlem. he said it is because of the tumor and he has to treat it like an infection and prescribed antibiotics. to get information from my mom on how she is feeling is like pulling teeth. she tries to be so brave. does anybody know if the shakes could be from the combination of meds or is it a sign of mets. i am really scared.

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I still get the tremors not only because of the nerve damage but because of the meds. I had the neurologist check them out, and if I decrease all the meds, esp the pain meds, I don't have as much tremor, but then I am in pain. I also notice the tremor gets much worse when I need to eat. Thanks, Karen, for the tip about hydration. I'll see if that helps.

Ask your doctor, but I have NED and have had tremors ever since surgery. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

Warm regards,



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