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re: FMLA?

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I know your dilemma well. I lived 3,000 miles from my father with stage IV cancer and just decided a couple of months ago to move home. I put off grad school, moved back in with my parents and found a job locally for the time I was living around here. I don't know if you want to keep the job you have now or if you'd be willing to consider finding something closer to your family, even on a temporary basis. But I've never regretted it for a second.

One thing is for sure ... it's different for everyone - I would echo talking to your parents about it and asking their advice.

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I just wanted to post and say that I love your picture of your dad kissing you. Every time I've seen that picture it pulls at my heart. I don't know why it gets me....I'm a freelance photographer on the side and I always try to capture "moments". I want my pictures to describe the emotions. Your picture describes so many things.......love, happiness, family, pain, loyalty, support, strength....

I get all those emotions from your photo. Especially since I view it on this site. =)

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