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My friend Marc passed away.


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It is with immense sadness that I communicate that my dear friend, Marc, passed away last night after a long and courageous battle with NSCLC. 37 y/o nonsmoker. He was an amazing soul, and constantly defied statistics and "probably will"'s. He was diagnosed just over 3 years ago with stage IIIB/IV NSCLC. He lived life to the fullest and had a pretty amazing quality of life for someone who was deemed so "sick" He hiked, biked, vacationed, worked full time, surfed and spent time with his beloved bride until just before the end. No oxygen, no nothing. Marc fought the good fight. With spirit. With amazing courage. And with dignity. He was a newlywed, and his wife gifted him with a love that, although short, was more than most people know in a lifetime. And he, in turn, gifted his wife, and all who loved him, with the remarkable human being that he was. He f-ing raised the bar in terms of how to make the most of your time on earth. He was such an inspiration to me. He will be so missed.

:cry: [/i]

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I am so sorry to read this this morning. Depest thoughts and Prayers and Condolences to you and the Family and all of loved ones around. It soounds as though Marc lived a great life without letting the CAncer rule his life. We are always here in this new Normal Of life for you. RandyW

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My sympathies and condolences to you and Marc's family. I am so very sorry to read of his death. He sounds like an incredible human being, much too young to be taken, and especially by this disease.

Again, I am so sorry. We are all here for you as you work through the pain and grief


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Iam so sorry for the loss or your friend Marc. Please accept my deepest condoleces to his family and friends.

Yes, he did live his life to the fullest, he was a amazing person to be able to do all that he accomplished.


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I haven't been here in a long time and have no idea whether you will see this after all this while. I just wanted to say how sorry I am. I remember you and I exchanging the odd pm in the early days of our friends' battles. I know how painful it is to lose a really close friend to this hideous disease and I wish you well.


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