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Getting to Know You - August 30


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Brush with "goop" - melted butter, soy sauce, garlic and a touch of liquid smoke, sprinkle with seasoning salt

Bring to room temperature

Grill to medium well (fat must be crisped up by 'flaming' just before you take it off the grill)

Let rest for five minutes

Must NEVER, EVER pierce meat (any type of meat) before or during cooking!

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16 oz ribeye


Salt and Pepper added right before coming off the grill. (Salt is a drying agent and extracts moisture you know)

Can not resta Steak or it does not stay hot!! UNLESS IT IS A RUTHS CHRIS STEAKHOUSE RIBEYE SERVED ON A 450 DEGREE PLATE :lol::):D:shock:8):wink::mrgreen: Shameless plug inserted above

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You just hit me this morning,

we had a beef farm for many

years so we always had the

fillet mignon as favorite

butter, garlic and chives

medium rare

rest four minutes.

Last one I had was October 1st 2003,

unable to eat it since......

too many memories.

We always finished the beef during

a month before slaughter with a daily

ration of beer, eggs and grain....


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Ohhhh, my new fave comes from an Argentinian steak house in Chicago called "Tango Sur" that has the biggest and tastiest filet mignon's I've ever had! (And you get two.) Mediam-rare. Salt/Pepper or some of their special sauce. Yum. (Even good re-heated which is a rarity.)

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Have to answer this one--filet mignon, medium with a local seasoning called Tiger seasoning and some pepper...right off the grill with a baked potato and tossed salad with blue cheese dressing. Delicious. Charlie could cook them perfectly. He was a great cook.

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