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Here's the scoop on Mom...


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Well, definately progression. There has even been progression since her scan last week. :( So it has been fast. The past two days she has been having shortness of breath. Another little secret she has been keeping to herself. Her oxygen is at 90% vs. 97-98%. She has a pretty extensive plueral effusion in both lungs which they gave her a diaretic for in hopes that would take care of some of the fluid and help her shortness of breath. She also has extensive spread in her bones. The doc named off so many bones that I couldn't even tell you where they all are. She also has a new met to her liver. Sooo. the plan is to try Alimta and see what happens. The onc, bless his heart, assured us that there are still more options out there and that hopefully this will put things back in check. My dad was in tears before the doctor even came in...it has been that kind of day. My aunt just called me while I was writing this and she pretty much hung up on me because she was so upset. She always calls me to get the scoop because she doesn't want to ask mom and she knows I do all the research. I feel terrible being the bearer of bad news. I just know I have ruined her night but I know I can't keep it from her. UGGGGG. I am exhausted. Time to pull myself up and get on with the next plan. I know mom needs me to be strong. She has told me I am her rock. I know I need to be that for her and I am pround she thinks of me that way. I pray for strenth to help her through.

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I am so sorry to hear this latest news. It is at these times that we have to reach deep, pick up our faith and believe that the next plan does the trick. I pray for strength for your mom and your family. Have faith and stay positive.

You are an amazing daughter and such an inspiration to many. I am so sorry for this latest news but believe in the next treatment, it will knock it out of the park!

Prayers to you and your family,


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I'm so sorry to read your post. Just gut wrenching....It sounds like your mom has a great doc and I hope Alimta gives you some good results. In these times of despair we need to dig really deep and find that strength that is alive in all of us. You are a wonderful daughter. Make sure you are taking care of yourself as well.

Take Care,


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