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Ann, I've found you a dulcimer!


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It looks a little "rough", but I asked a builder about it, and he said it looks like it could be fixed easily enough, by adding a new tuner thingy, (The actual word has left my brain!), and by adding new strings, polishing it up, etc. (it should have 4 strings, not 3).

He said it would be fine for a beginner, and I seem to remember you saying that you knew some fellows that played guitars?? I'm sure they could help you fix it up.

Sure can't beat the price anyway. I paid $200 for mine, used!

Thought you might want to take a peek at it, if nothing else. I think you're destined to have one! :wink: (Selfishly, I'd love to have someone to talk "mountain dulcimer" with!)

Take care,


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Hi Jackie,

Aren't they pretty??!!! I just love looking at the different designs people come up with when they build them.

The first one you see on that page, is an Apple Creek brand name. I have one of those. It's a small, beginner's type of dulcimer, but they are mass produced in Russia, and don't play very well. I have a larger McSpadden now, that I love, because it has a bigger, deeper sound. I also have a "Walmarter" brand, (First Act, I believe), which is the one I started on. It's little, but it was good enough for me to learn on!

(They would look pretty hanging on the wall though!)

My favorites are the hand made ones..... you can have them personalized with different shapes for the sound holes , etc. (Like if you collect fairy nic-nacs, or you love hummingbirds, the guys can usually shape the sound holes to fit your interest! Makes it an original!)

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Fred and I went to a big arts and crafts festival over the weekend. Guess what we saw!?!?!?!? Yep, dulcimers. They were beautiful! I was really tempted to get one, but the one I liked the most ~ you guessed it ~ was WAY expensive. The gal was playing and it was a beautiful sound.


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Yeah, they can be VERY expensive. :( .that's why I bought mine used!!!(I bought it from a friend, so I knew it was in good shape).

The student dulcimers are good if you just want to see if you're going to like it. You can always purchase a big one "after-after"!

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