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Mom Dx July, no biopsy or treatment

Guest Chinadoll

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Guest Chinadoll

I found this support group through a google search. I am desparate to know something, anything. My Mom was losing a lot of weight and finally had a CT scan on July 13. Tumor found in rt lung and it has metastasized to her liver. She is a 40 yr smoker, quit at 50 when she got emphysema, oxygen 24/7 for the last decade, had major heart attack last year, weak and tired but no pain. Because of her extremely poor health, they didnt' even do a PET scan, saying it would do no good, maybe harm. She is not going to get any treatment, chemo or rad, and because they can't biopsy (risk of lung collapse), I don't even know what form of lung cancer she has.

She is under the illusion that she could have up to 2 years left to live. Since the Dx six wks ago, she has greater difficulty breathing, coughing more, can't sleep on her rt side (too hard to breath).

Does anyone have any idea of how much time she has? I live in NJ and she's in MN so have to travel back and forth. I am not involved at all with her doctors, pul or onc, and would like more information. She may or may not honor my request to talk to her doctors.

Lastly, as she gets worse and the cancer progresses, will she need 24 hour care? Should I consider moving in with her? I have a 10 yr old son and a very supportive husband but I don't know if they could take me being absent for an extended period of time.

Thanks for listening.

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