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Do I tell or Do I not tell


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my mom that is . Next Fri I am going to have a thyroid biopsy,. They do not think it really is anything, but better safe than sorry as there are now 2 suspicious areas.

BUT the same week and the following week my dad has his scans, the appt to review the scans and decide appropriate action, an appt for a prostate test (his is enlarged), and an u/s for his kidneys (dr felt what is to be kidney stones which he has had before), and the following week my sister will be having minor surgery.

I've kept this to myself so far (and some of my friends), but I might be in a situation where I need some help (my friends work so they can't take me to/from the hospital for my test) as my dh is already taking off 2 other days that week to deal with some other pressing matters ... I just told him that he can drop me off, pick me up - even though I'm uncomfortable with that, but ...

Anyway, am I right to keep this from her?

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Don't know about you but I went

alone for thyroid biopsy and I was

76 years old at the time....

nobody to hold my hand and nobody

to tell about it........

You may need more tests after also,

if you worry about the reaction

of your mother you may wait for the

results before you bring the subject

of thyroid problems to her.

Wishing you the best


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I'm sorry so much is going on for you right now. I dearly hope this turns out to be nothing, but I know how worried you must be.

All I can relay is that my SIL (who is very close to me) had some potentially serious heart issues that she was dealing with earlier this year. When we were together I thought something seemed amiss, but didn't question it. After the tests, etc. she decided to tell me. She figured I didn't need anything more on my plate. All was fine, so I had a "worrying like hell" moment when she finally told me, but agreed with her decision of not telling me until it was over and okay.

Just one caregiver's perspective.

Best wishes,


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I personally would tell them b/c it would keep the open policy where they can't hide things from me. However most people wouldn't tell and it makes sense not to since they already have enough to worry about.

Keep us posted. I hope it is nothing serious. Just FYI, my fertility dr. got diagnosed with thyroid cancer while I was being treated. She was out 3 days total for surgery and recovery and that was it. She needed no treatment and is/was fine. She is a neurotic person like me also actually :) I think that is why we get along so well ;)

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