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I'd really like to hear some success stories about Topotecan used as 2nd line chemo against SCLC. My husband has just been switched over from Carbo/VP-16, since that chemo was no longer working. What can anybody out there tell me about Topotecan.



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Guest Jonathan

Topotecan is a standard drug used against SCLC in the second line setting. If this fails in the future, as i am assuming he will have some good response to it, there are other drugs that can be considered. They are as follows...



cytoxin with adriamycin and vincristine



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Flabet, sorry to hear the carbo/vp-16 stopped working. Hopefully This Topotecan will do the job and shrink them tumors. I have done some looking around and from what i have seen this drug has had pretty good success at achieving responses. I too myself with my docs will be deciding by mon. morning what we will go with for my treatments. Thanks also Jonathan for posting the other meds i have looked at all of them and the cpt - 11 to me is pretty promising. I really dont know though. Well at any rate i wish your husband and you well flabet. Keep us posted.


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Thanks to all of you. Jonathan, I truly appreciate your knowledgeable responses. You have so much good info for all of us. Greg, I am praying for you and Debbie, for your mom, also. Thanks again, and I will keep on praying for a miracle for all of us.


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