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Need insurance help


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Hi gang. I'm sorry, I haven't been posting, reading, or answering emails lately. There's just been too much going on lately.

My employer went out of business yesterday. I not only have no job, but lost the insurance that covered my husband. COBRA is not an option because if there is no group plan remaining, you are not eligible.

We live in Long Island, NY, so I checked out the Healthy NY programs and self insuring. My husband is on SSD, so is Medicare eligible. These plans won't accept him. He does have Medicare Part A (hospitalization) but not Part B (medical) because he was covered under my plan so we didn't think we need it. Who knew?

I contacted the SSA to get him enrolled in Part B. Too late to get coverage for September. He may be able to get approved by October. So what do I do for September? He has chemo Tuesday, and then the following Tuesday, with a new scan scheduled the week after that.

We went to the Medicaid office and filled out an application. We have to wait to be interviewed on 9/18. If approved (and I don't think we will be)they will back pay your bills 90 days. But what doctor will treat you based on that information???

I'm going to call a Medicaid attorney when the holiday weekend is over. I don't know if I can afford that, I have no idea what it costs, but I'll give it a shot.

I looked online at Hill-Burton, but I don't know that we'll qualify for that either.

If anyone out there has any bright ideas, please bring 'em on!

Thanks for letting me purge a little of this. You guys are great!

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Mom's part B didn't kick in until July (she didn't sign up on time) and we applied for assistance through the Oncology clinic and the hospital--and got it! She didn't qualify for Medicaid either.

Have you tried the Lance Armstrong Foundation? They didn't give us any help...but maybe you'll have more luck.

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I have absolutely no experience with this, but I did find this web site. It's a web site with links regarding free legal help. Here's the one for your state:


I see that there are categories for disability and for medical.

There are also free legal clinics, or low cost clinics you might find in your area. Also, contact the social worker at the hospital where your husband is being treated. The primary nurse or office manager for the doctor who is treating him too. They probably have a list of organizations. They may continue treating him if they think they'll get the benefits retroactively. I used to hear Bill's doctor complaining all the time about the medicare billings, but he always treated people. (He used to tell us about it.)

I'm SO sorry you're having to deal with this. As if the rest of it isn't enough.


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