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Should she start WBR or deal with new symptoms?


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Hi - My mom just had brain surgery to remove 2 tumors. The doctors want to start whole brain radiation next week but now she is feeling extremely tired (a new thing in this 18 month journey for her) as well as numbness and pain in her legs and hips. My research says maybe this is bone mets? The nurse she talked to told her she was trying to do too much after surgery - almost dismissing her symptoms but I am not convinved that is the case given how strong of a person she has always been both physically and mentally.

Does anyone have advice on whether she should go ahead and have the WBR (10 days) first, or whether we should push to see about the possible bone mets first. I don't think they would treat both at the same time. Thank you for your insight - it is so hard having no idea what to do.

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Well, it's easy enough to do a bone scan, so I would ask the Onc if she could or should have one. But, I don't think I would put off treatments? (if it were me)

It's so hard to second guess this monster of a disease and delaying treatments may not be a good thing either.

Best of luck and sending your mom good wishes.

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I just don't know enough to give you advice, but I always see it as a good sign when the doctors want to be proactive with treatment. Maybe going ahead with it would be good, but talk to the doctor if you don't feel comfortable with it. We were lucky to have very good drs who would talk things through until we understood their rationales.

Hoping the best for you guys.


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well, my understanding is that wbr usually takes precedent over treatment for bones. That said, if a bone scan (or pet/ct) were to come back hot, perhaps the dr. would consider adding zometa into the mix now, or would radiate the bone tumors (if they even exist)concurrently with the brain.

but i should also add that the fatigue could well be a function of the surgery and the hip pain etc. is not necessarily being caused by bone mets.

hope your onc. and radiologist provide you guidance,


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