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My new diagnosis

Patty Gottlieb

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Hi! I'm Patty and I just learned I have Stage 4 Lung Cancer in both lungs.

Today is my angry day. I'm soooo angry!!! I don't even want to go out today....

What I ask all of you for is PRAYERS.....Please pray that one day I will go into remission.

I haven't begun CHEMO yet. Will meet with the oncologist at Sloan Memorial, in NYC very soon.

Thank you for any littlie help you can give. God Bless you too!

Patty :x:(

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Hi Patty,

I'm sorry you had to join this lung cancer club. I also have stage 4 lung cancer. The last check, my cancer was in two spots (adrenal gland) and a lymph node in the Vena Cava area. It's normal to be angry, I still am at times. I try to stay positive and enjoy every day as best I can. Sending prayers and hugs your way. Stay strong!

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Hi, Patty, welcome to the LCSC.

There are a good number of people here in the community successfully fighting stage IV, and there's no reason you can't be one of them. Anger is a normal reaction at the beginning, and it's fine for a short time -- just don't let it consume you, and make sure it's not pointed the wrong direction (at loved ones)! :x

You should get excellent answers and treatment at Sloan-Kettering, a highly regarded institution. In the meantime, it would help us help you if you start a "profile" like you see at the bottom of our messages. Will save you a lot of typing in the future. Click on My Profile above, scroll down to the Signature block, enter/update your information, scroll down further, ensure Always attach my signature is marked Yes, and click Submit at the very bottom.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome Patty and I'm sorry you had to find us. :cry:

Be angry -- it's okay. It will fuel your fight. That's where you really want to land, in fight mode. Positive and aggressive fight mode! You'll go through all kinds of emotions, many in the same day. :roll:

You're going to a great center, so keep us posted when you visit and know more. Feel free to keep those feelings flowing in the meantime. Good to get them out of your system.

My husband was/is stage IV with cancer in both lungs too.



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Yep, sure know exactly how your feeling when it comes to being angry, and I wish there was something I could do to help you, but for now I will extend my arms and give you a welcome hug.

Stage IV can be treated and you can live life in the new norm. I have a member in my lung cancer support group here in MN and she is a stage IV 7+ year lung cancer survivor and is doing just fine. She had chemo and radiation treatments 7 years ago and has been in remission ever since. So, I DO know it can happen, and I don't see any reason it can't happen to you.

Hope you'll stay with us and get to know us and let us get to know you. We're a close net family so to speak.

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Welcome Patty - as previously mentioned by Welthy, you are at a really great treatment center. Get your fightin' self up, stay angry, and just harness that to fuel your journey. As Connie said, this is simply a new norm - you can do this. So many here have. Stay with us here for information and fellowship. You'll do fine. Mary Colleen

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:P Thank you to: Lillian, Ned, Welthy, Rochelle, Barbara, Carol, Connie, Judy, Mary Colleen and others:

Hearing from you wonderful people made the tears flow!

It is so nice to actually know none of us is alone with our fears.

All of the sharing made me understand what a long road

we all have ahead and posting on the message boards gives us an added dimension of strength that you pull from one another.

My hope for longevity is now supported by all of you. Thank you, Jesus.

Also, thanks for the advice and all the hugs.


May God bless you, too!

Warmly, Patty

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Dear Patty,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. As a caregiver of a Stage IV lung cancer patient, I can tell you one thing: never give up hope, and ALWAYS keep a positive attitude, no matter what. And, find peace with your spirituality, whatever it may be. You will need it to make it through the days ahead.

God bless,


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Welcome to the group although I really wish you didn't have to find us. I was also angry after my diagnosis and honestly I still get angry. I really try to limit the bad days as those aren't going to help me in this journey. Hope is what gets me up every morning and my kids fuel my desire to keep fighting. I'm almost a year out of my diagnosis and I intend on being around a lot longer! Allow those tears to flow but get up the next day and fight, fight, fight!

Take Care,


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Hello Patty

and Welcome to the group.

You are going to a good center for your


So many new treatments and new drugs

are available that the fight you will

have will be with the sickness itself.

Prayers always help and you only have

to ask and they will be there for you.



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Sorry I am late with my welcome, Patty! And just have to say what a great pic you have posted. You and your daughter, I presume.....both very pretty women!

Now you have your angry day :twisted: out of the way.......time to get on with your fighting days. We are here to support you and listen to all your concerns as well. Your doc sounds like a positive guy and that surely will help on this journey. MSK is a great place to be as well. Keep us updated.


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Hi Patty and welcome. I am sorry that you and all of us have to be here. I had the carboplatinum and taxol chemo. I also had radiation with mine. You want to remember to drink lots of water while you are on chemo. About the 3rd day after you might want to start taking aleve or some other pain pill. It seems to hit about the third day and last about 3 days. Don't worry about the hair coming out, even though that is an adjustment. Just remember it will grow back. My prayers and support to you during this battle.


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Welcome Patty: I was angry too when I first found out about my cancer. Maybe it would be more accurate to say I was very irritated. Anyway, I have kept my head in this cancer game ever since. Trying to understand as much as I can about it has helped me cope with it I guess. I have heard good things about Sloan. Good luck with your treatment.

Don M

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Thanks for all the loving support messages. You are certainly doing God's work for Him.

My anger has subsided and I am coming into a better place - of acceptance.

This Monday, Sept. 10th, will be my first CHEMO. at SLOAN MEMORIAL IN NYC. I will be going for 6 rounds, so far, every 3 weeks, for 5 hours a session.

Already taking all the minerals and daily supplements suggested by ERNIE PUCKETT from his Article entitled, ERNIE'S STORY STAGE IV (updated 7/11/07), which totally

inspired me since I also have LUNG CANCER STAGE IV.

Thanks for your advice and caring, too!

Hugs, Patty

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