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Don't Know What to Think??!!??


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I'm not sure how to read this... My dad has been receiving chemo since mid-May. First Gemzar, now Carbo/Taxol. At his last CT scan in September, his lungs looked really good. With each scan, the lining of the lung looked much better and he could finally breathe comfortably. (After four lbs. of fluid were drained from his lungs!!) At the time of his diagnosis in May, the doctor found cancer in his breast bone and a very small area on one vertabrea. Today after chemo, his nurse said that today was his last day of chemo and they made a BIG prodution out of it, ringing a bell, clapping, etc. My dad felt funny about this because he thought he had two more sessions, CT scan next week and a meeting with the doctor on November 12. The doctor said at his last meeting that his cancer was stable, but was hoping to see improvement on the breastbone, which there didn't seem to be. So anyway, he is still getting a CT scan and meeting with the doctor on November 12. So why the change today? Is there no more hope, or is his cancer stable so they are not continuing with chemo for awhile? Is this standard procedure to stop chemo when there is no more growth for about six months but still cancer detected in the bones? Radiation is not an option because of where the cancer is. I know we'll find out more answers in two weeks, but what do you think? :roll:

My dad has adenocarcinoma, a slow growing cancer. He tolerated each chemo session very well...never sick, just recently lost all his hair and would be tired for a few days after each session. That's why I hate that chemo has been stopped. I always felt we were fighting at each session, with little side effects!!!

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If the chemo is not reducing anymore of the cancer and yet the cancer is not growing anymore, some drs stop treatments and let the body heal some. As the new onc told my husband, before they found a possible new sight in the colon, that while the cancer is sleeping, let it alone. When it wakes up, fight it....So maybe your dad's onc does the same. Other drs may try another type of chemo I suppose. From reading on hear, that is how I have it figured.

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