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Gratitude - September 3rd 2007


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I'm grateful I woke up in a

good mood.

Hard day to face, the car is on the

blink: needs three catalyst converters


Can't even face buying a new car as I

may not get my new driving permit for

my 80 birthday, road test I'm OK,

physical tests depends on my family

doctor that hates me, eye test I'm fine,

hearing test.......00000 and I don't

live in Florida...........

Lynn is in the hospital for a lumbar

poncture, MRI, scan and blood tests

(three days) for Chron disease, so she

can't be my advocate for the day.

So alone and DEAF I have to find on the

second floor of a big hospital a doctor

with a name impossible to spell or

pronounce for some tests on my hands

before they decide about the operationS

needed to reduce the pain in my thumbs.

But Grateful for my good mood as I know

I'll go through this day with flying

shaky colors.


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Thank you all,

Just plain stubborn.......and

won't give up.

Found the place finally and

saw Dr. Maglhaes and all went well,

except very tired as I was sitting

down a lot, all new x-rays to see

the progression of the sickness and

my hands will be molded for some braces

that will help.

Cortisone injections every two or

three months as soon as the pain is

unbearable (in the winter) oxycontin

and morphine for the pain, unfortunately

I'm allergic to all sulfa drugs that could

help with the inflammation.

Next will be the knee and the shoulder....

A good visit and I'll be able to use my

hands so I'm still in a good mood.


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I know your not going to believe this, but I was just going to say the same thing Katie said before I read it.

Dito to what everyone here said. I can't imagine LCSC without our Jackie! I'm GLAD YOU GOT UP THIS MORNING! :wink: I'm glad I got up this morning too. That alone is something to be grateful for.

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