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Tests Today

mary colleen

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I've just returned from the hospital, where my husband had an appointment to see the Oncologist. He saw her just 3 weeks ago, and had a clean CT. However, he has had a sudden decline since then. He has lost over 14 pounds, stopped wanting to eat, and has declined neurologically in several ways - balance problems, etc. He failed his 'mini-neuro" exam today, couldn't follow the doctor's finger or follow her directions. He is having a brain MRI later today, and a lumbar puncture tomorrow if that is negative.

Best case, and I really hope probable, scenario is that he is having some kind of late inflammation and swelling from his WBR that ended 2 months ago. The doctor seemed to think that was possible.

Hoping for the best here!

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Mary Colleen,

Prayers and hopes for a clean MRI. Radiation does work for 4+ weeks after the final treatment, so let's think it is going to be related to that. I'm sorry you have to go through another dip in the road. Hang in there. I know how hard it is at these times.

Many Hugs,


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Well, I just heard from the Oncologist, who told me that my husband's brain MRI showed no recurrence. I'm tremendously relieved. The next step is to get scheduled for a lumbar puncture to ensure that there are no cancer cells in the spinal fluid. She is doing this because she cannot readily explain his recent deterioration based on WBR completed over two months ago. I know the problem isn't really resolved yet, but I am still allowing myself to be relieved for today. We'll deal with the rest as it comes. MC

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Just for the heck of it, when he has a blood test tell them to check his T (thyroid) levels.

After Joel's first operation he developed an over active thyroid that made him deteriorate. He was like a zombie, didn't care and had no motivation and lost so much weight.

Just had a Onchologist nurse who suggested they check his T levels and found it was off the wall, very high.

Anyway long story short, They had to kill the throid with radioactive pill then it became underactive which they can fix with medication. He has been fine every since.

So like I said, just have his T levels check. They can do that during routine blood work.

Keep us posted...


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