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Dry skin w/Tarceva


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I have now been on Tarceva for over a month now and haven't had the rash come back...yet but I'm dealing with the dry skin. Just wondering what others may be using to keep the dry skin in check. Right now I use a Lubriderm lotion several times a day. I also use Vaseline on the super dry spots...my neck, shoulders and lower back. I don't mind the dry skin and am managing it the best I can. Just wanted to know if anyone had something specific they use that might be better.



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I'm using Aveeno lotion around most of my body and then I'm using the lotion I used to prevent burns during radiation that the radiation doctor had given me for the driest areas. My skin became so dry that in Hawaii the ocean water was burning my skin. Now I'm using lotions twice a day and it is getting better.


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