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A year ago, life changed

Nick C

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I am so sorry, I feel your pain..Mom is pain free and I sure hope she met Mark..

I too am greedy and want my brother with me..Life has changed so much and is so full of pain and questions..

I pray for all of us here, that God will put His arms around us!!



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I lost my mom 15 years ago to SCLC and I don't think I will ever get over it! I thought I was okay with it and at peace with her death. I have also lost my husband to heart disease and my oldest son to bone cancer in the time since my mom's passing. All this along with my and my brother's diagnosis with LC one week apart from each other has given me some other things to be preoccupied with.

When I read your post it made me realize just how much I miss my own mother and need her in my life right now. The tears are streaming down. I too feel your pain, and am praying like Donna for God to put His arms around us all! Hang in there and stay strong!

God Bless,


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