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The Good/The Bad


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THE GOOD: On 8/25 my cousin hosts a surprise birthday get-together for my honey. He thought it was my cousin's birthday. When we walked in and everyone yelled SURPRISE, he was so confused! My cousin shouted "my birthday is in NOVEMBER, sucka!" Very funny!

THE BAD: My husband seemed to be having a good time out in the yard with everyone. But I found him in the house sleeping in a dining room chair. When I bent down to kiss him he was burning up. Time to go home.

THE GOOD: On 8/28 hubby gets his chemo. Fever is gone and counts are ok.

THE BAD: Later that afternoon he is obviously in distress. He has shortness of breath and confesses he has chest pain. We call the onc and he says go to the ER.

THE GOOD: Echo reveals no pericardial fluid. That's what concerned the onc.

THE BAD: Hubby insists on leaving without further testing because he "doesn't want to die in the hospital."

THE GOOD: Hubby is feeling horribly, with a fever I can't control, a horrible cough, SOB, and extreme fatigue. But I get to be home with him.

THE BAD: I get to be home with him because my employer announced the company is going out of businees. Good-bye job and medical benefits for us both.

THE GOOD: When we see the covering onc on 9/4 the fever is finally gone (although SOB and cough remain). Counts are good. Onc discovers hubby has thrush and suspects the fungus spread to the lungs. He gets his treatment and a script for an antifungal. Our lack of insurance goes undetected.

All of these ups and downs have really worn us out. There's been so much bad news lately, but I keep looking for the positives. Sometimes they're hard to find.

We're on day two with no fever, so that's what I'm celebrating today. I'll worry about tomorrow when it comes.

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sending prayers and Please be careful Fever sahows infection an dwith weakened Immune system Infection VERY BAD!!!!!!! Sending prayers for tons of good things..

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It's hard to read the bad but it is so wonderful that you also look at the good. Focus on the good. Although it's awful you lost your job and insurance it's wonderful that you can be at home with your husband. I praying that he will have some good results soon.

Take Care,


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I am so sorry for all the stress. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. You should be entitled to Cobra benefits. Let your friends and family know how bad things are and that you need help. My experience has been that friends want to help but sometimes you need to be direct in telling them what they can do.

I hope you start to have more good than bad events soon.


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Hi Nyka!

You have great wisdom - there is inherent balance in ALL things - whether one can identify it at the time, or not, the balance exists. For every GOOD, a BAD...and vice-versa. It is simply part of the whole "cosmic" balance of the universe. Or so I have been taught... The power is in our perception of it all, and what we choose to FOCUS on. Your focus IS POSITIVE!!! Your great strength will do much to carry you, and your dear Hubby, thru the bad times, 'til you can GET BACK to the GOOD!!! (I hope that makes sense... :roll: )

I "heard" COBRA mentioned in this thread. Have you looked into that option for keeping insurance? NOT cheap, but MUCH less expensive than going without.

Sending MANY hugs, and prayers your way for continued strength, and healing!!!

Yours in HOPE!!


P.S. A belated HAPPY Birthday to your Hubby!!! :D From one August baby to another...

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I've been so busy with the "Toe Tappin' Lyrics" that I missed your post.

I'm so blessed to have met you. To be able to always find the good in these situations tells me you're a very special woman and your husband is so fortunate to have you taking care of him and looking out for him.

Prayers continue for you both.......

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