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Thinking about Norme


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Today I went to the Senior Center. While there I picked up a booklet on Senior activities in our area. I came across a page that surprised me and also made me very teay. It was the story of Rainbow Bridge. That story is so beautiful and so full of promise but mostly full of memories of many good people. I started thinking about Norme and her journy with Buddy and how couragous they both were .

That made me think of so many that were here at that time, so many that have gone on to that Rainbow Bridge. Has anyone heard from Norme lately or Tbone's family?

There was Betty and both Davids and of course MO Sugar and a dozen others I know but can't think of their names. I guess the two that will always stand out the most in my mind are Norme and of coarse our dear Dean Carl. He was the ultimate hero in my book.

Who would have thought that such a simple and beautiful story could have started so many beautifull and painfull memories.

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The one I think of the most and who for me stood out above the pack was Fay A. She took everything thrown at her and battled with everything she had-- Was always willing to help others and tried to do something about lung cancer. She walked the walk not talked the talk. God Bless You Fay A, you are missed!

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Fay A. & Addie...

FRANK LAMB, DeanCarl, David C., David A., Bobmc, MoSugar, the lady from Alaska who came to RY's with seafood - once a cook on a fishing boat where she met her husband and I CAN'T remember her name...

T-bone and the clan...

Norme, Stand4hope, Angie daughter of Bill...

Becky G., Ada...

Ginny's Duke of Earl....

Far too many cornerstones.

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Good Morning, Y'all;

I logged in today from a long dry spell because we just got word that our first-cousin, Susan, died this morning from her fight with LC. She was in her mid-50's. She had beat a bout of breast cancer several years back but this was just diagnosed back in the winter. That's three of the Hall clan lost to this dreadful disease: Daddy, Terry and now Susan.

So, I log on and see folks asking about T-Bone's family. We are here albeit a little bruised right now. His kids are doing great! Dozier has graduated high school, Elliot is a junior and beautiful, beautiful Anna Frances will be 13 in October. My brother would be soooo proud. Ann is doing well as well and is still such a special sister-in-law.

Vivi's daughter is also a junior in high school and has just gone brunette. It looks great on her and it is actually difficult to tell her and Anna apart now with a glance.

Tee Taa's two girls are just incredible. Growing up leaps and bounds and keeping their Mama tied up with everything going on a school.

The remainder of the family is also doing well. Mama turned 85 this year is still quite spunky. Is feeding deer in her back yard. She has trouble getting around some but rest assured she gets out there to put out the corn. She got her first bilogical great grandchild this year, Amos Henry Harvey born June 1. She already had two "step" greats, both boys. So our family is now 28 in the immediate family. Pretty cool, huh? We need a bigger dinner table!

Thanks for the concern. Keep up the good fight.

Fran (aka Teacake)

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I am sorry to hear Susan passed away. I wrote to her a couple of times after she was first diagnosed.

Becky--- it is Rachel you are thinking of. If you haven't seen the post in general please read it. Debi and I formed a "Remembering Tuesdays" team.

The post was moved to activism by the mystery post mover. :roll:

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You know I have learned the truth in the saying that there are no coinsidences. I came across that story started me thinking about all of the people we have lost on this board sense I joined. Many have been mentioned here.

Tbone was here for a relative short while but he made a major impact on me as did so many others. Dean he helped me in so many ways.

For a while Dean Carl and I were sending pms almost every day. He really helped me in so many ways. So much of his life had been like Johnny's and he had overcome some of the same problems that Johnny had and he seemed to have that same hard on the outside soft on the inside personality. He was also very wise. Because of that the things he said to me really got through like none other had.

Last night I sat here and re read most of the pms that I have recieved over the years from so many of you and from many that are no longer with us for one reason or another. I really began to see how much all of you helped me and that once in a while I have had something to say that others have gained something from. All of that makes me feel so good and so humble.

As for Dean Carl the one thing that he said to me that I will never forget because of not only his honesty but his concern for me. I had called him my friend. He wrote back to me saying that concerned him because he had chosen no treatment. He said that he knew how much this disease had already hurt me and he knew that even losing a long distance cyber friend could hurt. He wanted to make sure that I knew that he would be dying sooner than later and that I would be alright with that. Then he said if I would be he would be very happy to be considered my friend. That was about the most selfless thing a person could have said to me. He was quite a man!

Any way all of those things kept my mind real busy and it was late last night when I realized why. I found that story about the Rainbow Bridge and it started this post. Yesterday was the 5 year aniversary of the day I had to take Johnny to the ER for a reaction to Carboplatin. Because of that it was taken from his chemo treatments. Later that month when I asked if anything would replace it was the day that nurse made the remark that ultimately led to Johnny's death. What had happed on September 6,2002 was probably the real beginning of the end.

So I say I was meant to find that story so I could get through yesterday without all of the extra pain and yes still a little guilt for that later conversation would bring. I don't think that was a coinsidence :idea:

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All of the above... plus Darren (with that great smile)

Justakid... Don's Lucy.. David Chapman, Bill,

SBeth husband Bill , Standforhope (peggy's husband Don)

ShadylaySue- her Mike...

Carleen's Keith, Pats Brian... All the moms and dads. etc.

so mamy others....

I have been thinking of Frank Lamb alot lately, I really miss him too.


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It could be so heart-breaking, reading the names of those who we have lost. I have to say, I had a smile on my face thinking of Addie-tude, and Leslie, and so, so many of the others you have all mentioned.

I feel honored to have known these folks...at least as well as you can know people virtually. This really is a special place. I cherish my friends here. God bless all those who have gone on before us.


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