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Long Shift Today


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Please forgive the 'Military', 24 hour clock times. I sent this update to a bunch of friends who are used to it and it makes it simpler for me to just do it once. I was typing it up after midnight. :?

Yesterday we put in a little over thirteen hours running Doctor/Test/Chemo/Transfusion drills. Everything started with the old 0530 wakeup and GI shower drill and on the road by 0630.

0730.....Marilyn sees her Neuro Doc for her annual visit and blood test reviews. Doc decides to continue monitoring blood levels and work with Moorcroft Doc.

0800.....Marilyn Has blood draw for Moorcroft Doc.

0800.....John has blood draw for 1100 meeting with Oncology Doc.

0900.....John has Cat Scan for later appointment. Injection fittings remain in right arm for later use.

Two Hour break for Wal-Mart trip, oil change in Explorer, Albertson's trip for chocolate coated, cream filled Bismarck's and other various and sundry tasks.

1100.....John Meeting with Oncology Doc. Blood counts low, will require three more pints, (units) today. Latest Chemo cocktail was ineffective against relapse. Switched selection of primary chemo type. We had anticipated this.

1130.....Begin regular chemo/blood routine. Blood was not ordered early due to need for count data prior to ordering. Procedures, ya' know.

1230.....Starting chemo prep work.

1300.....Pre-chemo flush and fill; consists of saline solution, Decadron, (will buzz the crap out of me tonight and tomorrow), Benadryl, ( instant knock out, date rape drug) and Zantac, (stops vomiting and erases memory from Decadron decadency). The Blood has been ordered and is on the way

1330.....Chemo begins to flow into left arm. Blood arrives on-site and hookup begins. We are using the last available type 'O' blood in stock. Wonder if it's a FIFO inventory system???

1400.....Blood flows into right arm.

1600.....Chemo finished up and lines flushed.

1630.....Last blood packet hooked up to right arm and put in ‘Park’, until needed.

1700....#2 blood unit complete and switch to right arm blood input.

1830.....Finish up blood transfusions. Swab up, clean up and get 'bye-bye' hugs.

1900.....Arrive at meat market at 1905. No big deal, market closed at 1800.

2005.....Back at the ranch.

Actually we got about what was expected from this latest chemo treatment. It was the same I'd had four years ago, (CPT-11), and the Doc expected my system would have a resistance to it. The new stuff should do better, (fingers crossed). My current cancer indications that are active are mainly an area that started out about 2.16" long and then dropped to around 1.88" then grew again to about 2.00'' during these recent treatments. It's still smaller than when we started but it's active and that is not a good thing. The new drug I'm taking is called Taxol. From what I've read It is a very good drug and very effective for some patients. It's not usually used for Small Cell on the first go-round but is common on relapses such as mine. I believe he said the indications in the lymph nodes are no longer active. I know this is a very critical concern but my old memory holder just ain't working too well. .

Since the meat market was closed I've been forced to eat cherry pie and ice cream for dinner tonight followed up with ‘Turtles’, for dessert. Marilyn had a Root Beer float with some real ice cream in it. Kind of going for the gusto here.


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Hey John,

First off, what time is dinner tongiht? WOW, I love what you two eat for dinn dinn! Sounds like a meal to me! :wink:

Taxol is a good drug and has been around for some time now, I want to say 10 years or more??? As we all know everyone is different, (famous last words) but I sure hope this Taxol is your saving grace.

Glad to hear you both had a okay day. I read over your post and just shook my heard thinking, "this is what our lives become, doctor visits, blood draws, scans, Walmart and back home for crub and some R&R. :wink::wink:

Have a great day John & Marilyn!

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John...............I'm sending my best to you and to Marilyn. It sounds like a day NOT to be repeated. Dinner sounds about right for the way the rest of the day went. Fred actually enjoys chery pie and vanilla ice cream when his doay goes well. So there ya go :?:wink::lol:! Hope things get on an upswing for the two of you. Good luck. I'm in your corner.


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Great oprep -- made me feel right at home!

I think you'll feel at home with the Taxol, and I hope it does a good job for you. Rather old-fashioned, nothing fancy, round dials, no digital gadgets, sort of rough around the edges, but straightforward and reliable. A chemo with gusto!



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